Merely a Poem

I go for a swim, got eaten by a shark;

I go skating on cold ice, it cracks and I drown;

I go pull a rose for fun, got badly pricked by thorns;

I go glancing at the sun, was blinded at first sight;

I go eating my chocolate bar, only to find a worm;

I go dancing in the rain, got hit by a lightning;

I go walking in a skirt, the temperature drops down;

I go walking in thick fur, the sun blaze and wind stops;

I go to do my homework, found them in small shreds;

I go and take a drink, the water goes out;

I go turn the T.V. on, the power dies out;

I go turn on my new stove, got seriously burnt by heat;

I go picking up my sister, only to find her gone;

I go walking on the street, was tripped and crashed into a mall;

I go crossing over a street, got ran over by a car.

Of all that I've just said, they aren't really true;

Of all that I've just said, they're merely a fun poem.

By: Jun Zhang 8C