By Lexxie

Little boy, little boy,
Where is your mother?
Have you wandered off
Into this room,
This cold, stuffy gathering
Of analytical, intellectual,
Practical minds?
They preach reason
To your wonder,
Reality into your innocence.
They pragmatize the holy
All for their faith.
Little boy, little boy,
I hope you didn't listen.
That would be a loss.

Little boy, I envy you.
My eyes were clear,
Unguarded and bright
Once when I was little.
Like you, little boy.
But whenever I got lost,
I cried for my mother.
Yet, you smile, little boy,
With the grace and wisdom
Of this hopeful world.
You smile and wipe my
Wounds away,
Smile and clear my
You take my hand
And welcome me
Into your Father's house.
Little boy, little boy,
you smile,
And you have found me.