By Lexxie

Burn me far into the night,
Until you've purged yourselves of me.
Bury me away from sight,
Scatter me into the sea.
(The Devil walks within the light,
Among the ones who cannot see.)

Burn me for your hallowed dead,
Whose lives I stole with glaring eye.
And when the evening sky flushed red
Burn me, for that was by my sigh.
(But when my witch's marks you bled,
I wondered at my prideful lie.)

Burn me till you find your peace,
Feed me to the rolling flame.
Once deafening, your cries will cease,
And fire will free me from His claim.
(But in the heat I find release,
In bless├ęd warmth I feel no shame.)

Burn me; I have scarred you all.
Honor me, give my soul its due.
Free us, or we will cause your fall.
Release your cursed, your tortured few.
(And there! behind you, staid and tall,
The Devil, born again, anew.)