Adithe had followed D'kar's orders and slipped out of a tunnel like the one she came in. But instead of this tunnel bringing her to the outside of the Earth Tree, it took her to outside of the forest. She exited the tunnel from within an oak tree.

The wind whipped her hair around and she pulled her cloak tighter. D'kar had provided her with a new dress before leaving Seare. He had told her to design it, so she'd given him an outline of the exact dress she had started with. He'd made it more conservative, since Seare people were exactly that. But it looked the same as her first outfit had; only this outfit's skirt was a full one. It was rich green in color with silver trimmings.

Adithe had to find a town called Chylran. It was located on the coast. D'kar had told her that the town was not but fifty miles away and she needed to hurry getting there. He'd also said that he would provide a horse for her, if she could promise to get there in the same day she'd get out of the tunnel. She had promised, and before her stood a tall brown mount.

"Ah, dear horse." She whispered. It looked down at her and whinnied. "Let's leave."

It bent down to allow her on, for it was so tall she couldn't manage. With the wind urging them forward, they took off for Chylran.

Adithe sent it away when she reached the gates to Chylran. It had to return to D'kar in the same day that it had left. She only hoped it made it.

"Welcome, miss." A female guard said. "What business do you have in Chylran?"

"I come to catch a ferry." Adithe replied. D'kar had warned her about the inhabitants of Chylran. Since they were so far away, so far northeast, from other civilizations, they were much different in their dealings and ways of life.

"To where?"

"An island to the southeast of Opoai. It goes by the name of Tai."

"A valid reason."

The woman unlatched the smaller gate and allowed Adithe in.

"The ferry is leaving soon, and that is the only one going to Tai for a few weeks. If you go straight on the main road, you'll pass our merchant's building. The sign says Minser Cotchel. Minser Cotchel's house is the halfway point. Keep going straight and turn right ten paces from his house. Ten more paces, take a left. The wharf is straight ahead."

Adithe hurried in and heard the bolt being locked. She half ran, half walked along the straight road. Indeed, she came upon a merchant's building.