My Heart Betrays Me

The secrets that you keep

Deceit you hold so deep

Cuts me to the core

My heart falls from its sore

You do not understand

The love that I demand

Or how you hurt me so

My pain will ever grow

I once believed I knew you

Which clearly is all but true

You say you have always loved me

But the bleak, cold truth I now see

Your real heart masks a disguise

For among your sweet words hide lies

You tear my heart in two

So now I must leave you

Thank you for the joy we did make

Those moments without the heartache

But this can't go on any longer

I won't pretend to be stronger

I have tried and tried again

But my heart will never mend

Unless I say goodbye

And please do not ask why

The pain is still too near

For leaving you yet, I most fear

Because I love you still

And yes…I always will