A Guide to Being Anti-Social

Dark pale faces drudge around school campuses, avoiding all contact with the happy smiling faces. The one relative never in the company of the entire family at Christmas: only coming out of the back bedroom for food. Are they all what they seem to be: misguided, persons all in search of love and understanding? The individuals could also all be a member of an elite club of anit-socialism. Not just some misguided, misunderstood soul but really anti-social for one good reason: because they want to be. Membership is not too hard to come by; all that is really necessary is to following a few easy steps.

Being anti-social doesn't always have to mean to sever all ties with friends; an antisocial person can still have friends. All that really needs to be done to be antisocial is avoid dear friends as much as possible. Someone antisocial, who is in school, might walk a totally different way, than the route on which a friend might come into contact with them. By doing this, it ensures that the anti-social person will not be bothered with having to raise a hand in the air for a hi.

Another person, an anti-social will want to avoid around campus is: the friend of a friend that is not known too well but still says hi. These people can and probably will be avoided the same way, but there is an alternative. Another good way an anti-social might avoid the friend of a friend is: by keeping their heads down and avoiding all eye contact. When the person walks clear by them, the antisocial will lift their head once again to look out for other people to ignore.

Another antisocial, school related problem would be to have had to deal with those pesky group projects. This is the anti-social's biggest problem and fear. Having to deal with the group projects might bring down a certain grade, but not always. There is a way to be anti-social, but still get an "A" on the group project. The key is to do somewhat of the work, but still say the minimum amount of twenty syllables. Also taking the smallest amount of work, and saying even less in the group presentations (assuming there will be one). If there are "jobs" in the group project, for example: secretary, speaker and so on. The only job that would be suitable for an anti-social is that of the secretary. This "job" is the best because it involves little or no talking; except for the occasional "what?" or "spell that". It doesn't usually involve having to say anything in the presentation either, after all the secretary does write everything down. Those two suggestions are the best, but there are some anti-socials that just go for the "F". Better then having to get up and go find a group. Not to mention, that most people wouldn't ask an antisocial to be in their group to begin with.

Anti-socials might do a pretty good job of avoiding friends, but avoiding the family is much harder; but still down well. The most problematic area in avoiding family members is on Christmas and birthdays (especially when its yours truly). On Christmas morning the anti-social is seen all over the house, mainly the room with all of the presents. Once those "out side the house" relatives start to arrive, off to the bedroom it is for the anti-social. Staying there, with the headphones on and playing a game that never gets old. All the anti-social knows for the whole day is: his bedroom, the controller to the video game and the walls surrounding the room. The only reason to come out of the room is to eat; of course the eating will have to continue with the anti-social's head down. This procedure would obviously be much more difficult when the holiday or birthday is happening at another relatives house. When that problem occurs, all that needs to be done is to find the nearest seat to the door, or the least illuminated sofa. The point to this is getting no attention pulled over to the antisocial.

Standing would cause to many collisions with a relative trying to move to one place too another and running into the antisocial person. Also sitting makes it much easier to avoid contacting with any other relatives eyes. After all sitting down lowers your eye level and makes starring down at the floor a lot less obvious. Standing up and starring at the ground just makes you look shy, which isn't exactly what is wanted. Plus standing up and starring at the ground gets the comment "anything interesting on the floor"; which is definitely not wanted. The family is a tricky foe for the anti-social; but these steps seem to work rather well.

Anti-socialism can be a somewhat healthy way of enjoying a life without commitment and suffering. After all what is good with a life full of heart ache of people coming in and out of their soul and memory. Anti-social people may be seen as a group of people who hate the world, and have absolutely no reason too. This might be true, but most of the anit-socials out there do have reasons to be the way they are. The reasons are more likely not to suit society, but it suits them well. Reasons maybe they just don't get along with their peers; after all not everyone fits in just one group. Another reason might be a deep psychological basis, like having been picked on when they were little or was raped, assaulted or abused.

In the end, the world consists of anti-socials, whether most people accept it or not. Some anti-social people might have reasons; some just might like to whine about how they have no friends. For whatever reasons an antisocial chooses to be unfriendly they will forever be different; and for the rest of society just continue to conform.

A/N* have no clue if this would or has offended anyone... people in my class seemed to be offended when I presented it for extra credit. But anyway another essay for composition class. and I am not saying I am condoning anit-socialism, or I do these myself , or that I am against it. it was just an idea I got when we were doing group projects. got a B- on it WOOHOO anyway thats all enjoy have good night byebye.

p.s. I made up y own worsd... hope you don't mind (it being , anti-socialism) or at least I think it wasn't a word NOW IT IS hahahahahaahahh