You sit there at your window,

Watching the rain fall,

As the ground is drenched in water,

To you nothing is changed at all.

I wonder at your composier,

How you can keep such a calm face,

Are you daydreaming in your mind,

About that special place?

Your cheeks are red,

You look deep in though,

You heave a happy sigh,

I wonder how to know.

You turn to me and smile,

A blush you try to hide,

You giggle childisly as you say,

"Hey let's go outside."

I gently nodd,

You grin at me,

I feel my face get slightly hot,

I wonder if you see.

Then I notice the rain has stopped,

Though puddles litter the ground,

I smile as i follow you,

I smile, as you turn around.

~ Kat Reverie

O.o Odd, Cute, But odd.