Always think,
That there is faith,
For you to go on,
Especially when things aren't right,
Because things will get better eventually.

Always say, "I'll never give up",
Because things don't just stop at dead ends,
There are always roads that will be another start,
And another tomorrow.

Always have confidence in yourself,
So you can stand up and point your view,
Without any kind of fear,
Even if you're standing alone.

Always have hope,
That things will turn out to be better,
Even if it takes a million years,
Because there is hope,
Lit inside your very soul.

Always be yourself,
And not anybody else,
For there is no need to pretend,
To be somebody you're not.

Last but not least,
Always be the best that you can,
Even if people don't like whom you are,
And hold your head high,
And simply be all that you can,
Because that,
Is the real key.