/ hackers
by the Cheshire Cat
curious inquisitive minds that match
the quick flurry of nimble, practised fingers
beneath the cover of the night, midnight, morning somewhere
where eyes, four or two, stare transfixed at the illuminating screen
and there they lie in wait, reading numbers as if it were
the very book that spelt out the names and deeds of the Fallen
of the Heroes.

motives and intentions
the slight flick of a tongue to moisten dry cracked lips
hunched back in a predatory manner
ready to pounce, to strike
to let loose a string of lines and text and numbers that only the
learned would ever know
would ever understand.

three seconds, four, five and eighteen pass by
time and silence accompany them till the night
till the rays of dawn reach to grasp them by heavy-lidded eyes
and slowly guide them to sleep.

yet AWAKE and the alarm sounds
and the tracer jars them awake like
hot coals down bitter brittle backs
and the eyes of some mad-infused animal leaps out
with fangs bared and bloodshot eyes strained
to the maximum.

but it is only a dream
a false alarm
and where the adrenaline once coursed like fiery flames
licking, lighting every nerve and sense
it dulls slowly
shifting like molten honey
sending them back to slumber
back to the darkness
back to their obscuredly oblique fantasy.

- end -