all lucked out
by the Cheshire Cat
An empty feeling
An even emptier soul
With prophetic premonitory dreams
And the demons
Their demands all in tow.

Waiting for something
A sign somewhere
Sun streaks and star bursts
Clouded skies and bleeding red lines.

Her white scars.

Confused, perplexed
Simply confounded.
Torn between ideas and scenarios
And the punch-gutted feeling.
hopeless and restless
The world just keeps on spinning.

No mother to call out to
No lover to fall upon
No friend to wipe the tears
Simply put,
No one.

Watch me fall
Watch me burn and soar
Tailed fiery flames lick the ends
Of a fraying tether
Shadows and smokes
Teary-lined eyes
But the wetness dries faster
And later...

All is forgotten.