Its like.
the Cheshire Cat
but breathing still
with eyes wide open
lips apart and breathing
but the words don't come out
and the silence is just
the life that of the dead
of sightless eyes and the wants
and desires of the unfulfilled
the unaccomplished.

for a better place
a heaven and sanctuary from the madness
the insanity of the knife-wielding society
that grabs you by the wrist
and tears the blue lines of life
beneath your skin
dig dig dig
and bleed.

that there's nothing to look forward
beyond the abyss of this despair and monotony
of the nights spent awake
staring at the ghosts of a past flickering
shady stick images upon the ceiling
tattered fingers reaching to grab you
to send you

the end
of everything
of living and working and praying and sleeping
eyes shut only to re-open
to live again in a different world
a new monotony.

Everyday we die.