by the Cheshire Cat
I could touch and caress your face
and still be awed and amazed by the beauty
by the purity and love I see in you.
The kind of light the burns from within
with a strange passion, a yearning and desire to be free.

You make me happy.

Each night as I lay beside you
hearing you breathe
I smile and I stroke gently you face.
My fingers dip and trace and a gentle kiss I'd plant
upon the side of your face
whilst you sleep.

My sweet sweet Angel.

Hearing your heart beat as it matches mine
the rise and fall of your breathing
how your arm winds itself to find me
to hold me and keep me safe
from the darkened madness of my tormented
torturous dreams.

I smile in rememberance
of the memories of what we'd name our children.
Where we'd live and stay or how we'd
run away.
Your voice and your laughter
the way your spindly fingers run all over
the fretboard, my arm

I love it, love you, love everything.

I could quote poets of old
I could try to pluck the stars as clichedly
from the heavens above.
Yet what I really want
really need,
is you.
Only you.
For you make me smile, make me laugh
chase my demons and keep me warm.
For tis you whom I love and you alone.

My hero, my knight
my savior.

I love you

- end -