For You
You sent me a song
About the limits
And how you've reached yours.
And after thinking and ruminating
I realised.
I found mine.
I crossed mine.
And up till the music, till you left me
Only then did I realise.

We keep going over the same grounds
Of how I'm screwed up eminently when you're not around.
And then there's the one about you predicting my every thought, emotion and
As if I'm a clockwork mouse, an orange, a puppet to amuse.
But I'm not
I say you misunderstand
And you go defensive.

Here we go again.

I had to leave you then
I couldn't take it
You say how I don't seem to understand or change
But maybe in reality
Both of us couldn't see it.
We need to get away darling.
Far from each other.
I still love you
With every fiber in my soul.
But I can't be with you now
Not while I'm raw outside, in and under.

I hurt you
You hurt me.
And in between this pain
Is a love so perverse for everyone who sees.
Right now I'm confused
I don't quite know what to do.
What you say and what you do
Are contrasts, contradictions taking me forever to fuse.

I'm so sorry
For the things I've done.
Or I thought I've done.
We'll wait and see if aftr this parting
There's still hope for us to be one.
But till then
And even after if we don't.
I know you know this
But let me tell you.

I love you
Loved you.
More than we both could ever possibly
Try to know.

Good night.