Nothing Left to Share
I'm crying out for help
But no one hears me
And the one whom I wish would extend a hand
Is deaf and blind to my plea.

I'm sitting here watching the blade before me
Its calling
A song I almost can't resist.
But slowly the shadows start to form around me
The people who love, who care do come to save.

But where were you when I needed you?
Where were you when it really mattered?
Where were you when the tears were falling
Mingling with the salt-stained blood of my tears?

You said you'd always be there
But I think 'always' is too far-fetched a word.
I can't help thinking you'd rather be there
For one of the girls by whom you're always summoned.

So I'm nobody important
So I'm the girl who's always fucking up.
I guess those moments meant nothing.
I guess in the end
Nothing really was there.

I know now
I have to say this to you soon
You made me love you too much
Now its time to break the boon
I love you, I really do
But its killing me inside.
And I think its time I break away from you.
Because if I go further on
I'll start to die inside.

You'll be sad for a few weeks.
Appropriately morose like every poet
But another girl will come along
Like that time last week
And I'll be forgotten
Another memory on the door.

Whats in it for me?
Nothing but endless heartache
The third time I gave my heart to you
Only for you to break.
I'll keep watching you
If only from afar.
I'll root you on
For every dream girl who makes that glint in your eyes.
I'll be alone most of the time
Because I'm scared of others.
I hate for that day to come again.
When the blood starts flowing
With no one left to share.