A/N: Dedicated to one of my best friends, Allison... -smirks- you'll have to read the end a/n to understand it... Well... Alice will understand but no one else will XDDD

Sickly Crimson

It sits there.
A yucky red goop.
Its all mucky.
I won't go near,
For fear it will eat me..
Or something along those lines.
Keep that wreched sickly crimson away!
Don't dare let it touch me!
Take it AWAY.
My stomach churnes as I see it,
And I instictivly cling to the closest person
(( Kai, for those who are interested))
And begin to whimper.
She places a napkin over it,
And I watch red blossom onto it.
She scoops it up and tosses it away.
I breathe a sigh of relif.
The horrible substance is GONE.
Praise the Gods,
She took it away!

|A/N: Okay.. to my confused readers its in Allison's point of veiw, and its not blood. Its ketchup. Yes, poor weezul has a phobia of ketchup -pats her- its okay... its gone ^_^~! ** Please note the suckyness, as I literally wrote it in two minutes-