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I woke up early the next morning in my bed with Ryan's arm around me. (We both respectivly clothed :P) I looked at the clock, it was only about five in the morning, four hours until my next class. I yawned and snuggled closer to Ryan who in response tightened his grip around me. I sighed and tried to recap all that had happened yesterday.

In the course of only a few hours, I had made someone's day but on the other hand, ruined someone elses. Crazy that you can have that power over people, but it's true. I desperately wanted to call Robbie right then and try to get him to understand. It was futile I knew, but I didn't want him to hate me, or Ryan for that matter.

I had also ruined my friendship with Jake, and maybe Jaymi aswell. I was hoping she'd understand in time, she had proclaimed she didn't want to know last night, though. And Jake I didn't think would ever get over this, I didn't really care. He'd turned on me yesterday and I didn't care to talk to him again.

My mother had also written me yesterday, pleading I go down. I had agreed to on one condition, that Ryan would come with me. I was rather afraid of going down. I hadn't been there in almost a year and with Daniel's death, I couldn't be sure what might happen to my mental state. It was comforting to know that Ryan would be there though, and we were only staying a day.

I sighed to think that I would be back in South Carolina this time tomorrow. I tried my best not to think of it, my brother always came into mind. That was how Ryan and I had gotten like this, me sobbing in his arms, again. It was really something I had never felt comfortable doing in front of Robbie, nor anyone else.

I smiled, I had made the right choice yesterday.


Ryan lay awake, his arm around Chela. Her sobbing had eventually quieted and she was sleeping peacefully in his arms. It was almost five but he couldn't seem to get asleep. His joy overrode his worry for this new day's comings and he pulled Chela a bit tighter to him.

She was his now, not Robbie's. A tad bit posessive but true, he didn't care. He had waited nine months for this day and it had finally come. No more watching the two in quiet disatisfaction, that would be Robbie's role now.

She nudged a bit closer to him and he wondered what all she was thinking, if she were even awake. Today and tomorrow would be hard for her, he knew that. But the meeting back in Winnetka would be too.

He found himself reliving the first time he had met her. How she and Brendan had exchanged odd compliments, "Nice shorts," "Nice shoes," And how she had so eagerly slid in the mud and got tackled by them all.

He laughed softly to himself, the girl he held in his arms hadn't changed much.


I heard Ryan laugh softly to himself and was slightly startled. He must have been awake and I debated whether or not to get up right then. I didn't think I could get back to sleep anyways. I finally decided against it, I wanted to stay where I felt safe and secure for as long as possible. I once again snuggled even closer this time and slowly drifted off to sleep.

I woke up for the second time around eight and found Ryan still beside me, now sound asleep. I needed to get ready for my class that was in an hour and tried to get loose of his grip, but it only became tighter.

"Ryan?" I asked softly, "C'mon, let go, I've got to go get ready."

He mumbled something but let me go, his arm falling onto the bed once I got loose. I sighed as the feeling of saftely slowly left me and I left the room to take my shower, closing the door after me. I found Jaymi's door closed too and stepped into the bathroom.

I quickly started the water and got into the shower. I let the warm water trickle down my body and tried to ready my mind for today. Mom, home, Daniel.. Ryan. I smiled and just let his memory engulf me for the time being. Ryan would cheer me up and support me, that's all I needed to know.

I got out of the shower and put on the clothes I had brought from my room. I towel dried my hair a bit and stepped out of the bathroom to find both doors still closed. I walked into my room and again closed the door behind me.

Ryan was still asleep and I looked to the clock. It was only quarter past eight and I wasn't sure whether or not to wake him up. I walked over and sat on the bed. My movement must of disturbed his sleep for he soon opened his eyes and smiled at me.

I smiled back and he sat up on one arm and kissed me good morning. I grinned at him as I stood up again. "I just need to turn in my paper so I think we can leave soon after that." I said running my hands through my hair trying to dry it.

He nodded, "We'll get there sooner then, it'll only take eight hours or so to drive."

I rubbed my eyes and nodded. "Come here," he said to me holding out his arms. I came and sat on the bed as he wrapped them around me. "It'll be alright," he soothed and kissed me on the cheek. I smiled and leaned into him hoping he was right.