I looked to the clock, "I guess I'll leave you here and then come back. Jaymi has the same class so you won't have to lock the doors." I turned to him grinning, "We'll eat on the way there aswell."

"How well you know me," he said sarcastically and let me go.

I shrugged smiling and dried my hair a bit more and stepped out of my room closing the door again. I found Jaymi sitting at the kitchen table. I dug out my paper and was going to go back into my room when she stopped me.

"Not eating?" She asked tartly.

"I will when we leave," I answered.

"Leave? To where?" she began, "Back to Illinois already?" she scoffed.

"No, to South Carolina," I stated not really wishing to talk to her on this subject.

"Why?" She asked looking to me.

"I haven't been there for a year, and my mom asked me to come down." I said.

"So you're brining him?" She asked nodding to my room.

"I can't rightly leave him here," I began, "And I kind of need him there," I mumbled to myself closing my eyes.

"What's your problem?" Jaymi asked rasing an eyebrow at me.

I looked to her, "I haven't been back since, my brother - died," I said to her and waited for some kind of response.

Her eyes grew wide, "Oh, I'm sorry." She studdered with her eyes downcast.

I held my hands up, "Don't worry about it," I said.

She shook her head, "I'll take your paper to class if you want to leave early." She offered much to my surprise.

I stared at her for a moment for her sudden change in tone and attitude, "Thanks," I managed. "Here's my paper," I said slowly and put it on the table. She managed a feeble smile at me and I turned back to my room slightly confused.

"Well, there's been a change of plans," I said walking into my room still looking confused.

Ryan slipped on a clean shirt and looked up to me, "And?" He prompted.

"Jaymi says she'll turn in my paper," I said nodding in the direction of the kitchen, "So I guess we could leave, now." I said staring at my feet, dreading the new news.

"Alright," he said, "But listen to me, Chela," he said and I looked up to him. "It will be alright, it's only for a day." He said earnestly trying to reasure me.
I sighed nodding to myself and he picked up his bag and slung it over his shoulder. I grabbed my car keys off my table and walked out of my room, Ryan following.

"Well, I guess, we're, uh, going," I said slowly to Jaymi, "See you in a week, and thanks," I told her.

She nodded smiling, "See you,"

I looked back to Ryan who softly nudged me forward and I stepped out of my dorm. The hall was empty so we were undisturbed for the walk down. My footsteps sounded through the empty main hall and I cringed at the sound.

I heard Ryan's footsteps behind me and continued walking. I let out a sigh of relief as we got outside and once again looked up to sky. It was just nearing dawn, so the sky had a dark red tint to it.

"Could we stare at the sky after we eat?" Ryan asked suddenly.

I turned to him with a wide grin on my face, "Oh Turner," I laughed and punched him on the shoulder softly.

"What?" He asked as I continued walking.


Ryan knew he would have to keep her in good spirits for most of the day, and it wasn't that hard for him. He got her talking about her and Kelsey's adventures and sorts, she even mentioned her brother a few times without becoming somber.

They had stopped at a gas station to get breakfast and were now on their way to South Carolina.

"Well, Ry, we've got eight more hours stuck in this car." She said taking a bite out of her sausage biscuit and steering the car precariously with her knees.

"I still I think I should've drove," he sulked taking a sip from his drink.

"Turner, I know your navigational skills, never will I let you drive my car." She teased.

"Alright, then what music do you have at least?" He asked and pulled a few CDs out of the middle compartment. "Hmm," he mused to himself as he went through them. "What's with the colors?" he asked noticing different CDs in odd colors.

"I have them arranged to match my moods," she laughed. "Red for when I'm angry, blue when I'm sad, yellow when I'm happy, the list goes on."

"Wouldn't you listen to something happy when you were angry?" He asked looking confused.

"Why of course not Turner, what kind of sense would that make?" She cried in mock aghast.

He sighed and rolled his eyes, "You would listen to Nirvana when you're already depressed? That wouldn't help your mood very much."

She shrugged, "My moods feed off of music."

"What's this?" He asked holding up a white, blank CD.

She grinned, "That's the show's theme song,"

"You have it on a CD?" He asked raising a cynical eyebrow.

"What else am I supposed to listen to when I miss all of you?" She countered.

He thought a moment and then nodded, "Makes sense to me, shall we?" He asked sliding the CD into the slot. The song started up and she grinned humming the song to herself. It was over too soon but there seemed to be more.

"Oh, I forgot I had these on here too!" She cried once Micheal's voice started.

"Hey, I haven't met you before, what's your name? I'm Michael. Oh, you like- oh, don't leave. I didn't even get a chance to know you and you leave. Just like everybody else in my life, you leave after I say 'hi.'"

She was laughing to herself, "What's that?" Ryan asked.

She giggled, "Just listen," she said and the CD continued.

Ryan's voice was next, "Mom? I'm ready to be picked up. NO, they're not playing fair... NO. I don't wanna try... NO. I don't get along with these guys. Come get me now... Thanks, Mom."

He grinned to her, "Hey, that's me!" She nodded and Brendan's voice was next.

"Are you calling me a liar, I mean, are my pants on fire?!"

Pat's screeching voice came next, "I LOVE TO LIFT! I LOVE TO LIFT!"

Kevin's was next, "What are you crazy? A lawyer? Haha, you can't be a lawyer, I mean, look at your hair!"

Micheal's voice was on again, "Your eyes make me want to eat onions. And that says a lot girl, Because I'm lactose intolerant. When you talk, I want to put those pretty words in a pouch, And auction them on an online auctioning site. Because you the phattest talker. You make me want to be a better reader with those bomb gesticulations. Girl, you know I'm real, And nice, in a non-threatening way... What up."

Kevin's came on again, "People look at me and see the person, or thing, that got rid of dinosaurs. And, I'm okay with it..."

Ryan reached down to pause the CD, "This is insane," he said looking to her.
"Of course it's not!" She said still laughing. "Turn it back on! The Team Fresh music's on next I think!"

With that Ryan shook his head once more at her but eagerly turned the CD back on. The music started up and Ryan started dancing the best he could to the tune.

Chela giggled again and the music ended with Ryan saying, "Team Fresh, Team Fresh, Te-Te-Team Fresh."

Ryan flashed a large smile to her, "I need a copy of this CD."