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"Oooh, here he comes," Kelsey said with glee as she watched Robbie come up our driveway.

I didn't bother to answer but dashed out the door and calmly closed it behind me. I walked down my steps slowly and waited impatiently as he walked up.

"Shouldn't you be sending Zach off?" I asked lightly.

He gave me a dazzling smile, "Yeah, but he's not going to leave until you get there, so it doesn't matter." he said and put his arms around my shoulders and kissed me lightly.

I smiled at him, only yesterday had I finally made my choice, but everything seemed to have fallen back into place. It was like nothing had ever happened between us.

The guys had been estatic over the fact that I had actually made a decision, and even though Ryan was rather quiet in the beginning, even he began to warm up to the idea of me being back with Robbie.

"I knew I couldn't have you for long," he had managed to whisper to me right before Kes and I had left to go home.

Oh and Kelsey! She practially talked herself to death when we got home, about how happy she was for me and how I'd made the right choice. But she really was right.

I had.

"Well let me go tell Kes, she might want to say bye to him herself." I said and dashed up the stairs.

I opened the door and stuck my head it, "Hey Kes I'm going to send Zach off if you want to come ok but I'm leaving right now so bye!" I said all in one breath, closing the door quickly behind me and jumped back down the stairs and Robbie enveloped me in a hug.

He kissed me again and went I attempted to get loose he only held me tighter.

"You know," I laughed, "At this rate, Zach won't be leaving until Tuesday."

"Fine," he said kissing me once more, "Let's hurry up and get rid of him. I'm tired of him being at my house."

I laughed again, "Robbie!" I cried, "I like Zach,"

"All the more reason to get rid of him," he joked.

I rolled my eyes slightly as we started down my driveway.

He shoved me playfully once we were almost to the end and I shoved him back. Soon we were both on the grass, him above me, and we were both laughing in pure happiness.

I sighed in content once our laughter ceased, "Zach really will never get home,"

He shrugged, "He's got plenty of time. I've got four months of catching up to do."

I kissed him lightly and smiled brightly, "I'm sure Zach would like to get home, Robbie."

He sighed but got up and helped me up. He threw a sidelong glance in the direction of my house and shook his head in bemusment. "Kes is watching us,"

I smiled, not looking up to where I knew she was. "Just let her be, she's the one that made this happen . . . again, let her relish in it."

He raised his eyebrows at me and we finally got off my driveway and onto the sidewalk.

"Did she now?" he asked.

I nodded and twisted my brother's ring around on it's chain. Robbie watched me as we walked and seemed thoughtful.

"It was your brother's, right?" He asked rather bodly.

I nodded, not really taken offguard, "It'd been sitting in his room for seven months. I figured I might as well take it as a reminder."

We lapsed into silence until he finally spoke again, "Ryan dropped by earlier this morning,"

I looked to him quickly, "Yeah?" I prompted.

He nodded, "He said he was happy for us and that we could go on without problems from him. He said he was pretty much over you."

I raised my eyebrows, "You think he meant it?"

Robbie laughed, "Of course not. But at least he made an effort."

I nodded once more, "Hey Robbie," I began and he looked to me, "You'll be nice to him, won't you?"

Robbie scoffed at the comment, "What have I been doing for the past two months?"

I sighed and punched him lightly in the shoulder, "But things are different now,"

He raised an eyebrow, "Not really,"

I huffed, "You're so mean to me,"

"Yeah, I know, life is so horrible," he said sarcastically.

"Robbie," I whined, enjoying our playful banter.

He scooped me up in one swift movement and sighed, "You're way too much trouble, you know that?"

I nodded with a broad smile on my face, "Yeah," I said gleefully, laying my arms lazily around his neck.

He shook his head, smiling and jolted me up slightly to get a better grip.

"You know," I began, laying my head against his, "I'm surprised you even took me back."

He laughed, "Yeah right,"

I lifted up from him, "I'm serious, look at all the crap I put you through,"

He furrowed his brow at me, "Are you trying to put a damper on this or what?"

I shrugged, "I was just saying . . ."

He kissed me, "Well then shut up," he said grinning at me and then let me down as we approached his house.

I smiled at him and bounded across the street when I saw Zach coming out of Robbie's house.

"Hey Zach!" I greeted from the front lawn.

He only raised his eyebrows at me as he carried his suitcase to his car. Robbie caught up with me as I walked over to Zach.

"You're leaving and I get not so much as a hello?" I asked crossly.

He only shrugged and I hit him hard on the arm, "What's your problem?" I demanded.

He looked not at me, but Robbie when he spoke, "I was threatened that I would never make it back home if I so much was civil to you."

"Liar, I said if you touched her - ," Robbie cut himself off at my look and started towards his porch stairs. "Is that my mom calling me?"

I grabbed him by the arm and wheeled him back around.

"What?" He asked attemtping to look innocent.

I only sighed and gave him a warning look before turning back to Zach. "He won't hurt you if I say he can't."

"Yeah right you can't control - " Robbie began.

"Be quiet Rotang," I instructed without looking at him.

He became silent, "Yes ma'am,"

I smiled at Zach who looked amused, "Plus," I added, "I'm not going to see you for another two months,"

"That's true," Zach speculated and then gave me a hug before I could give him one. I grinned when I noticed he was holding it off a bit longer just to tick Robbie off, but he'd have to learn not to be so protective sometimes.

When we finally pulled off, I went willingly right back into Robbie's protective arms, like he knew I would.

Zach held his hands up in his defense at Robbie's stare, "Man, she's right back with you, hugging someone isn't a sin."

I nodded, looking up to Robbie who lightened the tone of his face and held a hand out to Zach. Zach took it and they shook hands for a moment before both giving each other a manly hug.

"See you later Zach," Robbie grinned.

Zach returned to grin and nodded, "Don't you know it. Bye Chela, see you back at school."

I smiled and he got into his car and with one final wave drove off.

Robbie and I waved back, though one of his arms was around my waist. When Zach was out of sight I looked up to Robbie.

"Now what?"

"Brendan called me earlier, said for us to come down. He's bored," Robbie answered, leading me back down his front lawn.

"I can't belive you threatened Zach," I said lightly, but with a slight tone of warning that I knew he'd pick up.

He gave me the slightest smiled and shrugged, "I wasn't that serious,"

I raised my eyebrows at him but only shook my head in bemusement.


"Oh Kev, you should see them!" Kelsey cried in delight as they sat on her front porch. "I knew she'd go back to him, I just knew it!"

Kevin raised an eyebrow at her, "With all this attention you're giving them, you better be glad I'm not the jealous type."

She smiled at him and he put his arm around her, hugging her to him.

"But you really have to see them, they're so cute!" Kelsey slipped in, widening her smile.

Kevin sighed and stood up, "Ok, well lets head off to Brendan's then." He said dragging her up.


About an hour later, we were playing some . . . game, made up by the brilliant Brendan. It was like a cross between whiffle ball, kickball, and basketball. We had to kick a small, red ball and at the same time, make a shot at the hoop with the basketball, and then run all the way to the fence (we were in his backyard).

The game, appropriately titled 'BL Chaos' lasted suprisingly long before we just gave up and the guys started playing basketball, while Kelsey and I were the refs.

"Carlson! That was such a foul!" I screamed at him as he 'accidently' rammed into Brendan.

"Was not!" He cried.

I looked to Kes who looked to Kevin apologetically, "She's right Kev,"

"But!" he began.

"Oup! Foul shot Brendan!" I yelled.

Kevin grumbled as they set up, I loved being the referee.

They continued playing, and soon enough, Robbie practially knocked Kevin to the ground, as always.

"Foul!" Kevin exclaimed.

I shook my head, "You were in his way, it's your fault,"

Kevin gave me a disbelieving expression and looked to Kelsey for support.

"Er, Chela . . ." she began but I was already shaking my head.

"You saw it Kes," I said simply.

"Will someone make a decision?" Sheehan groaned at the delay.

"Nah, I'm hungry anyways, I'll order pizza." Brendan said, dropping the ball and going inside.

"Ooh, I'll help," Carney said with excitement and followed Brendan into the house.

"I want better referee's," Carlson demanded, looking at me.

"You wanna bring it Carlson?" I challenged, picking up the basketball. He looked to me oddly and I through the ball at him, which he caught abruptly. "One game of Horse, right here, right now."

Kevin bounced the basketball and nodded, "Ok, but if I win, Brendan has to pay for the pizza."

"And if I win, Brendan has to pay for the pizza," I said and we started playing.

The game didn't last that long, soon we were both up to HORS because we kept doing these ridiculous shots that neither one of us really could make.

"Ohhh, and the tension heats up, who will get the E?" Sheehan narrated.

It was my turn to make a shot and I decided to do one backwards, a shot I'd been prefecting since I was five, and the one shot I knew Kevin was too clumsy to do. Unfortunately, I hadn't been able to sink a backwards shot all game and this was my last try.

I angled up for the shot, and threw the ball backwards. I didn't look but when I heard the backboard clang and the satisfying swish of the net, I turned around and tapped the spot where I had been standing triumphantly.

Kevin looked slightly nervous as he attempted to get ready for the shot. I through a shot to Robbie, we both knew this was over.

He shot the ball backwards and suprisingly it hit the rim, but thankfully, fell off.

I let out a whoop of triumph and went up to Carlson. "Good game," I said holding out a hand.

He reached to take it but I withdrew mine quickly and ran it through my hair, grinning at him.

Kevin acted as though he were going to chase after me and I quickly jumped onto Robbie's back for saftey, sticking my tongue out a Carlson.

Robbie let out a laugh along with Kelsey who went into Kevin's arms.

I watched my friends from my high perch and smiled. Everything had turned out alright from what seemed to be a bumpy summer. Kes and Kevin were ok, Robbie and I were ok, and even Ryan and Robbie were ok.

I thought back to something Brendan had once told Micheal. "Life is a little bit like toast, sometimes it's burnt, sometimes it's buttered, but you just have to take it as it is and get through it."

Well Brendan, I thought smiling to myself, serve me up a big piece of buttered toast.