I try not to think but it doesn't ease the pain
Of the swelling in my throat as it tightens again
Nervously I wait for her see me,
To take my hand late in the evening
Alas she finds another's embrace
And I am left all alone in this place

Why am I such a tortured soul?
For something, someone I was never to hold
The pain of love tears a hole in my heart
Cupid's old arrow, thrown like a dart
Two different worlds but only one space
I don't want to be all alone in this place

Still I hope that it may yet come my way
That she will be mine perhaps, someday
Signs are misleading, confusion ensues
Procrastination only deepens my blues
Bull by the horns is not to my taste
I'll wait and risk being all alone in this place

But she is so beautiful this girl of my dreams
In her presence I just fall apart at the seams
My heart simply jumps, My will merely yields
My tongue disobeys me, that's just how it feels
But what does it matter how fair her face?
I love her, and yet I am all alone in this place

I see that others too covet my desire
Swifter of tongue and maybe fuller of fire
Like daggers pierced through fragile skin
Stinging wounds leave me dead from within
And though she sets my heart apace
I'm prepared now to be all alone in this place

The last of my tale of woe draws near
By now I have battled and conquered my fear
Of speaking my mind and saying what I feel
I've made it clear that my love was for real
But the flower of my heart has found another vase
And I am truly alone in this place