Rock to the music, slam to the beat.
Flip off your school; get out of your seat.
Cause when I roll out of Mason you better stand back
You better watch out, before your Benz gets jacked.
Drunk-kick your ass two times, then flip you the bill
I'll blow this toke in your face. Hey bud, got your fill?

Or am I bein' to subtle? Do I need to get loud?
Right here, today, unless you're too fuckin' proud.
I've got what it takes. What are you too shy?
To stick this knife in me, to watch me fuckin' die?

Or are you a man, soundin' off like you got a pair
Always pissed off and angry, who said the world ain't fair?
As you watch your face grow old, you just hafta ask:
Was it you livin' life or were you wearin' a mask?

So you're layin' down to rest thinkin': What's left to do?
You fucked sluts your whole life? Yea? Man, fuck you!
You think I give a shit how many chicks you blew?
What about that girl with VD? (girly voice) 'oops, I thought you knew.'

And all those times you drank till you dropped
Now you body is worthless, soon your heart'll stop.
You piece of thousand pound trash, get the fuck out my way
I'm in too good a mood to have to deal with you today.

Well in those punk rock years, you thought you chose right
Never thinkin' you'd be in this fright night flight.
Oh, by the way, guess what? you are your own shitty life!
So don't fuckin' tell me society made you raise that knife!

Now its two choices: kill yourself or fuckin' kill them all
Either bring an uzi to work or hang your body in the hall.
But trust me, kids, no matter what, you're bound to fall
Cause you take in this shit daily, like a pack of menthols.

I'm so goddamn tired of these fuckin' whining pansy pussies
Who bitch and moan 'bout their fucked up lives, ya'll are wussies!
Sometimes I want to pull out a gun myself and force it all away
But if I did, they'd lock me up and inject me, all in the same day.

So drive around town with your bass blarin' and your wheels tearin'
the roads while you cruise with some skank in your Hummer Two
Take her down that dark alley, give her a twenty to blow you.
I hope she takes a bite outta your dick and spits it in your face
You sir aren't fit to be part of the human race, you're a fat ugly disgrace.

Now get the fuck out of here you piece of rich shit
If you think you're better than me, you better get a grip
cause I'll knock you out any day, cause I don't give a fuck what they say
I know in my life who I am, to my family, to god, to her I'm the mother-fuckin' man.