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A Surreal Dream

Silently, he watched her in the darkness. Her raven black hair flew in the night ocean wind. The sea howled, blowing bone-chilling wind at him, at her. The ocean water splashed, roared. Still, he watched her. Memories flashed in front of him, so overwhelming, disappointing yet satisfying. Memories, all those memories… His thoughts went back to her, staring at her back, listening to the ocean water. He watched the figure, the figure that was once his.

He watched as she enjoyed the beauty of the deep ocean, enjoyed the coldness, and he was too. The ocean was getting peaceful. It quieted down. Once, he believed miracles would come true. Once, he trusted his heart and fell deep into his dream. But now, it was time to wake up, time to end the dream. So many times, he held her in his arms. So many time, he whispered into her ears. So many times, he felt the tenderness, the softness, and the sweetness of her lips. Then, he knew, it was nothing but a dream.

Still, watching her, there he was, still watching her. He stood motionlessly, in the darkness, in the coldness. The sky was clear; the stars were shimmering; bright moon shone its pale light on her. She looked beautiful. He knew she liked darkness; he knew she liked coldness; he knew, there was only one reason for her to be here. He knew no matter how hard he tries, he would never be the one in her heart, never. Whatever she gave him, was her pity for him. No matter how true it felt; no matter how real it was; it was, after all, just a dream.

Everything was fake, every surreal moment they had together was nothing but false dreams. Then again, what can he possibly ask from her? She never had any feelings for him, not one bit, everything was out of her sympathy. He should thank her. She gave him enough, way more than she ever needed to give him. After all, it was just a dream, a bittersweet yet tender dream…

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