It was early Sunday morning, and Kyle had gotten no sleep. All he could think about was last night. Of all the fun he had, the conversations, and the kiss. How could he forget that? It was the most magical moment of his whole life. He got out of bed, with not even an ounce of tiredness; either though he only got three hours of sleep. He got up and took a shower and then called James. He told him that he'd come over. He got dressed and went out the door.

He arrived at James's at eleven-thirty. He helped him back a little; then he talked to him. "We've got to find a new hide out," Kyle started.

"I know," James said.

"How much did we get for solving that case, calculator?" Kyle asked sarcastically.

"About two-hundred and seventy five dollars," James's replied.

"Cool, I saw an ad in the paper for a small trailer for seventy five," Kyle said.

"Lets get it and then we'll each get fifty dollars to spend how we like," James said.

Kyle called the ad and told them that he was interested in the trailer and told them where to drop it off. Then he grabbed the phone and called Katie and Jack. He told them to meet him in the forest. He was just about to walk to the door when the phone rang. He lifted it up. It was his mom telling him that the lost kid Joe had been found. He talked to her for a few minutes and then hung up and walked out the door.

They all sat in the entrance to the dark woods waiting for the trailer. Then came an old rusty ford truck. They all went up to it and looked at the trailer on the back. They looked at the inside of it too. It wasn't too bad considering the price. James handed the old man the money. The man thanked him and unhooked the trailer. They all struggled to push it deeper into the forest. They hid it near some shrubs and gathered a bunch of things and covered it up until it looked as if it was part of the forest. Then once they thought they did a good enough job they went home for the night.

Each of them got up early to put some things in the trailer of theirs. When everyone was there James handed them all the fifty dollars that they earned for the case. They put everything in the trailer and started to organize it. Katie was flipping through the radio channels on her small radio and when one channel came on Kyle told her to stop.

"We've got some big news in the stock market today," the radio man started, "Someone has hit it big. His name is John Thomas. He is a new resident in Mississippi and he has the stock market under his control."

"Quick to my house," Kyle said.

* *

John was the man that they tried to capture on the case that they solved. He escaped and they could no longer find him. Now they knew where he was and only they knew of his forged last name. Kyle got on the internet and checked out the stock market website. He looked at John, it was defiantly him. He picked up his phone and called his dad. "Do you mind if my friends and I come to visit you for a while," Kyle asked.

Early the next morning they were all getting packed to go on the plane. They had to pay their two-hundred dollars to go there and then their families helped with the rest. They packed a whole bunch. They packed games, cameras, clothes, books, and plenty more. They left for the airport at eleven-thirty.

They reached the Portland, Oregon airport at noon. They walked into it and straight to the gateway. They said their goodbyes. They looked for their number. When they found the gate they sat down. There were a lot of people at the gate. It was about thirty minutes later when they started to call the passengers. They walked over and into the plane. Then they went to seats. They all had seats near each other. They all relaxed on the plane and fell asleep.

When they reached Denver, someone had to escort them to their next plane since they weren't old enough to go alone. They could get there in half the time if they didn't have to have an escort. They got onto the next plane.

As they got off the next plane they could all see Kyle's dad. Kyle ran up and gave his dad a hug. His dad was middle aged man with a beard and mustache and brown eyes. They went looking for their suitcases. They grabbed their suitcases and then went to put them in Kyle's dad's car.

They reached Kyle's dad's house at about seven. His house was pretty nice. It was only one story high. He had a chicken cage right next to his house. He parked in a spot under a tree. He didn't have a garage. They got out and got the suitcases out from the truck. Then two dogs and three cats came running up. They petted them a little and then brought the suitcases inside. There were two aquariums inside. One had a gig fish in it. It was a store fish. The other tank as full of fresh water fish that had been caught. The house was pretty clean for only one person living in it. Inside there was a gun cabinet and a computer.

"Nice place," James said.

"Yea, cool fish," Jack said.

"Thank you," Kyle's dad said.

They went into the kitchen and sat down at the table. Paul's dad served them dinner. It was pepperoni pizza. He gave a blue plastic plate to each of them and set one at his spot.

"Thank Mr. Thomas," James said.

"Just call me Derek," Kyle's father said.

After they ate dinner they went into a room with some sleeping bags. They climbed in them and went to sleep. Katie got the couch pull out bed in the living room.

The next morning they were woken up by the cry of a rooster. They forgot they were at a farm type place. They got dressed and headed outside. They went to check on the chickens. There were fifteen of them. One of them was a rooster. The colors of the chickens were of all different colors. Kyle walked in the cage and fed them and grabbed the eggs they had. There were some brown and white eggs. The eggs were put in an empty egg carton. Then they brought them inside. Kyle put them in the fridge. Then he took a couple that were already in there and put them in a pan. He added some milk to the eggs as they cooked to make them creamy.

"Could you guys feed the cats and dogs while I cook," Kyle said.

Jack grabbed the dog and cat food and walked out the door. He found the bowls and put the food in them. He watched as the cats and dogs came running to the door. He went back inside with the food and set it back where it was. Breakfast was now done and Kyle was serving the scrambled eggs to everyone. Kyle's dad just barely got up. They all sat at the table and ate their meals.

When they were done, Kyle's dad asked them if they wanted to practice shooting a gun. They all agreed to go. But Katie wasn't so sure. They went outside and to the back of the house. There was a small swimming pool there. It was round and about fifteen feet long both ways. They walked through a trail and then to a clearing. Derek walked over and set a milk jug full of water on a tall stump. Then he walked back over to them and handed his son a bb gun. Kyle went first and shot perfectly in the center of the jug making the water from it squirt out. Now each of them took their turns at shooting it. And they all did pretty well.

The water was all drained from the jug so Derek went over to replace it with a new one. Everyone had shot at it but Katie. She didn't want to but everyone convinced her to try. So she did and she fired at it eight times. They walked over to the jug to see how well she did. All of her eight shots were on the jug and all right in the center.

After shooting they walked back to the house and watched TV for the rest of the day. Kyle brought in some TV tables and then started to put some food on them. They ate salmon and watched TV.

They all got up at five A.M. Kyle's dad was going to take them fishing. Then they all jumped in the back of Derek's truck and he started driving. All of them got their poles in the water but Katie. After Kyle was done putting his pole in the water he went over to help Katie. Then he went back to his pole. After a while of standing there Dan had a bite. He jerked his pole back and had the fish hooked. He reeled it in and had a bass. At the end each of them had caught a fish. They left and brought the fish with them so they could have fresh dinner.

When they got back they went right into the pool. It wasn't that deep or that cold but it felt better than the hot muggy weather of Mississippi. They swam around for a little bit and then they started hitting a beach ball back and forth. Kyle grabbed his hand size squirt gun and started shooting it at everyone. Then they went back inside to dry off. They just sat around for the rest of the day.

They woke up bright and early. It was six in the morning. They did all the things that needed to be done and then went on the internet to check out about the John thing. They tried to find out information about him but there was nothing to be found. They became bored and decided to go bowling.

Once they got home they went straight to bed. They all had a peaceful sleep. Then a loud noise woke them up at three in the morning. Kyle went over to the bedroom window and saw a couple of guys dressed in black outside. He woke everyone up and showed them outside.

"Looks like they found us," Jack said.

"We better wake up your dad, Kyle" Katie said.

They ran up to Derek's door. They pounded on it. "What the -"

"Dad there are some guys outside with guns," Kyle said.

The waited a few minutes for a response. Then the door flung open. Derek came sprinting out. They ran into the living room and looked out the window. There the men were hiding in the bushes. The house wasn't near any other houses so if they were shot at nothing would happen. Derek went to his gun cabinet and grabbed a few guns. He put a handgun in his pocket and carried a shot gun in his hand. Kyle walked over and grabbed a blow gun. Then the other two grabbed the two bb-guns. Katie just sat on the floor and watched. They all walked outside except Katie. They couldn't find the men anywhere. Derek saw some bushes move so he took a couple shots at the ground near there to scare the men which worked. They heard footsteps running away.

"Are they gone," Jack asked.

"Yes, but I think they'll be back," Derek said.

* * *

Jack woke up first. It was about nine A.M. Everybody else was crashed because of the night experience. He went outside and sat on the steps petting the animals. It was scorching hot outside for so early in the day. He started looking around. The farm was really beautiful in the morning. The birds were singing in the trees. He went inside and grabbed the dog and cat food. He fed them then sat back down. As he looked back up he saw a big grey blanket was all he saw. Then something hard hit him in the back of the head. He fell to the porch out cold.

Kyle and Katie got up and sat in the living room watching TV with their arms around each other. Then James came running out of the room with a Lea around neck. A lea is a flower necklace from Hawaii. It had a variety of bright colors on it. Kyle and Katie started laughing.

"Like it?" James said.

"Where'd you find it?" Kyle asked.

"The closet, where's Jack I want to show him it," James said.

"I don't know," Katie said.

They looked outside. They found the animal food already in the bowls. But there was no Jack. She saw a letter on the porch. She opened it and quietly read it to herself.

"They've took Jack," Katie said.

They went inside to find Derek. He just barely woke up and was heading to the kitchen.

"They kidnapped Jack," she told him.

"Oh, that's interesting," Derek said.

"He never listens," Kyle told her.

After Derek was done cooking; they all ate. In the middle of eating Derek spoke up, "Where's Jack," he asked.

"Those men from last night kidnapped him," Kyle said taking another bite of his pancakes.

Derek dropped his fork on his plate. "We've got to find him," he said.

He left his plate and went into the living room and grabbed his hat and jacket. They all left the house and got in the car.

They drove back to the stock place. They rushed in the door and ran to the counter. They started talking to the clerk.

"Where is John the new stock winner," Derek said.

"I'm sorry that is not my authority to tell you that kind of information," the female clerk said.

"He kidnapped a kid, now tell me where he is," Derek yelled.

"I'm sorry, I cannot tell you," the blond relied.

"Kidnapping is a fucking federal offence!" Derek said.

"I am not to tell information of any persons in this business," she said

"Dumb blond bitch!" Derek yelled at her.

They all went back home. That was all they could do at the moment.

* * *

Later that night Kyle and Katie went out on a date. After the date Kyle called his dad to come pick them up.

He saw the car come driving up fast. The car came to a quick stop and told them to get in fast.

"What's going on," Katie asked.

"While we were at the arcade we were shot at," James said. "We think they might have chased us here."

They quickly got in the car. They Derek quickly slammed the gas to the floor. As they were driving home there was a red corvette following them. Once they were home they all ran inside. They watched as the man in the corvette jumped out. Then the corvette came crashing into the other car. They exploded and flames were everywhere. The man got a handgun from his pocket and started shooting at the window and inside.

Derek called the police while James and Kyle grabbed some guns and started to fire back. Kyle hit the man in the stomach with the blow gun. The man pulled the dart out and started shooting at Kyle. They ran out the back door because if they stayed in the house they would probably die.

They all started firing at the man from different places. James noticed Derek's dogs hiding under the porch. "Your dogs are chickens," James yelled.

"I haven't had time to train them," James said.

"Aim for his hand with the gun," Kyle said. And took aim and blew and watched as the dart flew at the man.

They shot him a couple of times in the hand until he dropped the gun. They heard some sirens from down the road. Then a bunch of police cars came driving in. The man grabbed another handgun from his pocket and used his other hand. He ran behind a tree. He started shooting at the police and he shot back. Derek and them set down their weapons and ran over to where the police were.

The shooting went on for a while. Then finally by shooting at the man several times they got his down. They had to resort to shooting at him since the man wouldn't give up. The police ran over to where the man was and cuffed him. They put him in the police car and took off. Derek watched as the police took off.