I look out my bedroom window, for the millionth time in my life. It was the same as it always was, the street stretching to the right and left, the large elm tree in front of the blue house across the way. If I look downwards I cam see the small walkway leading from our front door down to the sidewalk. Another thing that never changes, the same cement blocks, riddled with cracks with small weeds growing between.
My life is just on great big forest, never changing, just big trees.
Mom said that today I'm going out into the country to great aunt Jose's cottage. I've never liked old people. They always say things like "My! How you've grown!" or "In my day." and now I have to go spend my weekend with some old woman that I hardly know.
Now my mother is calling from downstairs that it's time to go. I grabbed my bag and stomp slowly downstairs, submitting to my fate.
The car ride out to Jose's house was long and boring. All I could see out the window were mayflowers, large rocks and hills.
When we finally reach the old crone's cottage, I was nearly asleep. I'm brought to my senses by the rude shock of the cottage door slamming open. A large dog comes bounding out towards the car, followed more slowly by a small wrinkly s=woman, wrapped up by a light coat, even though it's 25 degrees out.
My mother gets out of the car, and opens my door for me. I just sit there, until I am forced out.
When I got out into the sun, the dog bowls me over and starts slobbering all over my face. "Ugh! Get off me you great lump!" I exclaim angrily, while trying to push the thing off me. "Here boy! Come here Blue!" I heard a kind voice call. The dog gets off me, and goes over to Jose. I get up off the ground, and wipe my face off.
I reach out my hand to Jose, as a formality. She grabs my hand, pulls me towards her and squishes me between her arms. After the 'hug' she said cheerily, "Hello! I'm Jose! And this is Blue," she indicated the dog. I just grunt.
This seems to put a dampener on her spirits. I realise that probably the only way to escape from this woman and her dog would be to go for a walk. So I announce that I am going out.
I start to walk away before anyone can contradict me. There is a small looking forest across the meadow that is Jose's property.
I enter the forest and looked around myself. There are many types of trees and shrubs, but I ignore them. I can see a clearing ahead, with a boulder lying in the middle of it. I walk slowly towards it, being careful not to scratch myself on any of the brambles.
Once I reach the clearing, I sit on the boulder and start to analyse my surroundings.
The boulder that I'm sitting on probably was once part of a mountain that was in this area. The trees to the south are tall and majestic. To the north, they are shorter, and covered in moss.
It is then that I got a revelation, I realise that forests are not all the same as I had always thought. They are individual entities, and even within the forests themselves they differ from other parts of the same forest. Maybe then, maybe my life is actually an exiting thing; maybe I've just been looking at it wrong. I've said that my life's a forest, and I was right! Nut not in the way I had thought.
I get up off the rock and head to the meadow. My mom has left by now, and I can see Jose through what I presume is the kitchen window.
These people, my family, have been trying to help me out of my emotional rut, but now they won't have to! I'm a different person, and I'm loving it.