October 25, 2003

English III

Assignment: Loyal American Paragraph

What makes the United States of America great? When our country was founded what made America great was not only its laws and freedoms but also its people. The people of America were loyal. Today the phrase loyal American is very much forgotten or misunderstood. Today when we think of a loyal American we think of a police officer or a person who is proud of whomever may be currently in office. I think our viewpoints are somewhat diluted. Most Americans today take advantage of what makes our country great for their own personal gain. People break the laws or make new laws to get around every account for there actions. Cheating on taxes is common in today's society. Less than half of Americans vote or remain updated on their currently elected political leaders. Being proud of one's country or a patriot does not make you a loyal American. We need to remember what does. We need to understand what our founding fathers sought and taught our nation. They believed in supporting the government with our money and taxes. They believed in the laws and they had severe punishment for the disobedience of these actions. They sought higher education and learning, and maintained updated on the latest political events. I think they were the true loyal Americans. America has the potential to learn how to be loyal and a great nation again by looking at our country's history and beginning and the millions of lives who strived to make it happen.