Its scary how things
happen as you suspect
when cynicism turns into reality
when those little pieces
of jealousy turns into
a monstrous pain deep in your heart
and the only way to cure it
is to bleed until it all
falls out.

what can you do when
your life turns into what
exactly your little
dark angel said it would
and when that one person
you turn to for everything

every memory every singe one
turns into dust and all that
is left is your

all those loud voices in your head
turn into your alter egos

what can you do when your dearest friends
look right at you and still walk by without caring
when your best friends turn into your
honest enemies. who no longer can put up with
your mental deficiencies and then turn their
heads when you start to cry
but turn back around when you've calmed down
and are ready to make them laugh

when you spend Halloween night alone
crying in the back room
playing competitive solitaire

Turn into a speck of dust
and be blown by the wind

invisibility is all that is left

based on my current life and feelings... the reason why I wrote this was because I have no one else to talk too. The only person i had left to talk too, talks to another person about her problems. bc i am her problem, I'm sure not her only problem but one of them at least. I guess you can say that I drove her into the arms of another. But I don't exist so why does it matter. thats me bitching... sorry