Fly Away

Stop forcing me to hide
That which really shouldn't be hidden
If you want to know who I am,
Shut up
Let me talk
Let me be something
Other than a lost little girl
Trapped in a box
Locked from the outside.

You've got the key,
So why not set me free?
You have the key,
Right there
I can see it
I'm not so blind as I cannot see
That you hold my life right there,
In those hands
Stained with ignorance,
Stained with pride.

Pride is something I, too, am guilty of,
But I don't drag you down with me
I'm not pulling you into that downward spiral
I'm not dragging you down
But I'm not going anywhere, either
I'm not flying away
I'm stuck, right here
Glued to the ground.
And no matter how hard I try,
I can't seem
To fly away.