It's the last day of school and Lexi was let out of school earlier than usual. But, just like every usual day, she got in her car and drove away. Away from everything that's bothering her. Away from all her problems.

At 11 at night, Lexi got home and ran right up to her room. She didn't even bother to stop for dinner that was saved for her.

Lexi blasted her radio, not caring that it was late. Her aunt, Marie, knocked on her door but she couldn't hear. Marie walked into Lexi's room and turned the radio down till you could barely hear it. Lexi, wrapped in a towel, swung the bathroom door in her room and looked at Marie.

"It's almost midnight. Why do you have the radio on so loud? And why are you home so late?" Marie asked Lexi, who looked exasperated.

"Because I want to. It's my life anyway so stop questioning me." Lexi opened a drawer and took her pajamas out.

"Lexi, I love you. And I care about you."

"That's nice. Now will you please shut the door on your way out." She walked around Marie and turned her radio up a little.

Marie just shook her head and left the room. After a few seconds she came back in and said, "I left some spaghetti for you."

"I'm not hungry." She paused a while. "Thanks anyway." Sometimes Lexi felt bad that she was being mean to her aunt. She yawned and looked at the clock by her bed. It read 11:25 P.M. It wasn't even late and she was already feeling tired.