The Empty room is filling with water

But I'm so numb I can't feel it at all

Isn't this where I'm supposed to cry

Or has it happened too many times

This confusion is killing me inside

The empty room is the inspection time

But that's not real life, not real

No toilet to think of throwing up in

I've been calling for the help I needed

Who thought I'd draw the enemy in

But it leaves me empty inside

Staring vacantly into the world

Waiting for a sign of what to do

Why is history repeating itself

Perfect like a rehearsed play

I'm supposed to be angry, sad, alone

I can't feel these right now

I don't, don't want, and can't hate you

You waited a convenient amount of time

My angel wings for my free flying

I can't, I don't know, I don't understand

The scar, let it bleed and wash away

Let me surpress it once more and begone

But I want you here more than anything

There are too many reminders

Confused again, still no tears

Maybe the wings will burn into a sign

But I think they're tired of me

Me and my horrible luck

I don't blame you, I've been there

After all this time

Should I kid myself once more

I'm on freeze till I know

Arguing with myself in the empty room

Full of water my head hurts so close to tears

But no emotion further than that

I listen to our songs vacantly

My only hope is dieing again

My dreams are so far again

I lay my head down and pray

The first time I pray

I pray for my only hope

Awake in the infinite cold

I pray as the first tear drops

Please, I pray, please