Let me tell you a story
Of a girl named Rose
If this tale is indeed true
No one really knows

She was always a shy girl
And with this she was content
But as she grew older
Her patience began to relent

Then this girl decided
She wanted to be seen
She wished to stand out beyond others
With more than just a sheen

She interrupted conversations
To make small talk and joke
But when she was rejected
This her spirit broke

So in one last desperate gesture
In one last hopeless deed
She went for a new approach
Tried planting a new seed

Slipping slowly into darkness
She became an empty shell
Piercing ink into her body
Of skulls and things from hell

And yet still no one noticed
No one gave a passing glance
But yearning for just one friend
She gave them all a second chance

This went on for quite a while
As she grew more obscene
She went from bright and pretty dresses
To chains and huge black jeans

She turned into a morbid shadow
Of what she used to be
Until she said she'd had enough
She would make them see

She contemplated many months
Of how to make her leave
A gun, a knife, perhaps a rope
In the darkness of the eve

She thought of all the people
Who'd see her tragedy unfurl
And wish they'd never heard the story
Of that lonely little girl

She put a shotgun to her head
And pulled the trigger tight
And what the dawn found when it rose
Was a most gory sight

And as soon as her body died
Her spirit was anew
She went about her business
With haste and much ado

No locks could hold her vengeance
And no bars suppress her rage
Finally the beast within her
Had been released its cage

She murdered countless people
Wreaked her terror in the night
She filled their hearts with terror
And she filled their souls with fright

No mortal man can stop her
Their trials would be in vain
All struggling will get you
Is misery and pain

So when a hard chill wind picks up
So dark you can't see past your nose
You had best beg God for mercy
Lest you face the girl named Rose