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"In the early ages of time, there were but five beings. They lived in companionship with one-another. They were to live in this void of the space- time continuum alone. This is, to say, that they were alone aside from one- another. However these beings came to breathe their first breath remains unknown by us to this very day. These five beings came to notice extreme new talents given, to them at one point. These five beings went by the names: Joshua, Alexandria, Relena, Bakhal, and Serenity. All of these elders became the, self-appointed, elder counsel of five.
They were each gifted with the power to create a universe, however, only together could they create a universe of complete harmony. Each of the members of this group held a specific set of abilities that they could contribute to the 'universe of complete harmony.' They, more or less, monitored the abilities they controlled within the beings of this universe.

Joshua, known for his knowledge, controlled both power and the ability to use this raw power. Alexandria, known for her imaginative theories, could both control emotions and decipher the inner workings of the mind. Relena, who contained a strange comfort in her voice that she used to help gain the trust of the subjects whom she watched over, was gifted with both diplomatic skills and needs for companionship. Bahkal, a dark and violent soul, could plant the seeds of war; Serenity, found to be a pacifist until provoked, would insure brotherhood and peace would return to conflicting sides of Bakhal's wars.
My young pupils, this is where your legacies begin. Before the counsel was destroyed by time, they agreed upon coming back to their universe on every five-hundredth year passing from which they died; all agreed to assume a physical beings form to make observation a hands-on task in necessary, and this could be done through pre-chosen beings known as "reincarnates." We, the races of the universe, realized that the counsel could not be in the form of infants; knowing this, we collect possible reincarnates every four hundred and eightieth year of passing. This was done to ensure that the counsel's forms could be at peak physical conditions.
There is a downside to this honor, however. When a reincarnates body is in use, they will not be able to use it, and the process of assessing their universe takes many years. If chosen, you may be lucky to come back to your body at all. You are serving a greater purpose; by giving your body to become their vessel, the counsel can once again change our chaotic faults and misdeeds back to the. perfection it. originally. was."

Lector Prin, began to halt his speech as he heard a familiar sounds about the room. Thinking about this sound, the Lector soon came to realize that it belonged to a sleeping student. As he walked by his young pupils, they all stared back intently into his eyes. At the end of his check, with one pupil left, he arrived in front of a boy that angered him greatly. Lector Prin began to recall what the courts had ordered of him to do with this boy, Joshua:

~~Two months prier~~

Lector Prin found himself in front of the highest court on this world named, Anrios.

"Sezanra Prin, a responsibility is to be placed upon your trusted shoulders. The court wishes you to care for a young boy agreeably thought to be the reincarnate of the elder counsel member, Joshua. Be weary of this boy, his hunger for knowledge is great but it might lead him toward trouble. Do not detain him if he desires to leave this planet, for when the time comes, he will come to realize that escape is inevitable. His fate has been set from the moment he took breath in the universe."

~~In the present~~

Lector Prin had come to realize the courts were wrong about his desire for knowledge. He slept through every class, and participation was the lowest of any being on this planet. Lector Prin often found himself wondering why this boy even came to class.
With his anger building at this seemingly hopeless pupil, he balled his fists, and raised them above his class; his other pupils could only watch as his enormous fists collided with the tabletop, upon which Joshua's head lay buried in his own arms.
The initial tremor from this impact, aided Joshua in springing him to life, but his first sight is what truly scared him. Lector Prin was not a handsome man, Joshua thought him to be quite hideous. The Lector was staring him down with cold frigged eyes surrounded by blood red flesh from his anger at the pupil, and as he noticed the Lector's fists still curled as is if ready to strike, Joshua retaliated with a calm image, as always.

"L-Lector Prin, Sir, what seems to be the problem?"

"My 'problem' dearest Joshua, is you! Your never active, you never participate, and you have no will to live as a being!"

Nothing got under Joshua's skin more than when somebody wanted to know why he acted as he did.

"You're a complete moron, Prin! Put yourself in my situation, ok? You're newly fourteen. Would you like to be reminded daily that on your twentieth birthday that some high and mighty spirit will steal your body from you? On top of that, you most likely won't be getting it back!
When this spirit steals my body, I will just have turned twenty! Twenty! I could have my whole life to live and enjoy like all of my peers, but no, I am doomed to float in an eternal limbo because some spirit wants my body for 'the good of the universe?'
Don't you dare tell me, sir, about needing: to have some hobbies, to get a life, or to enjoy my life! I never asked to be a 'reincarnate'! I want to live a long life; I want to life a long life in my body! "

Lector Prin found himself stunned at the pain that emanated from Joshua's soul, because he knew what Joshua said was true. Joshua packed his collection of items in anger, and headed toward the door of the lecture hall, stopping, but never facing Prin while he spoke:

"You're such a narrow minded fool! You might be willing to give up your body for the cause; however, you have seen the universe, and what joys it has to offer. I never will get to see them, unless I leave now, and experience at least a few of the joys of life. Goodbye Lector Prin, Sir. To my peers I will say only this:
Thank you my friends,
For accepting me,
And counting me as your friend,
But I must go and I won't return,
I must venture the universe,
To see what it has to offer,
Reaping its benefits,
And discovering who I really am."

No one noticed his tears of pain; his soul ached whenever he thought about his fate. Joshua finished his walk to the door, opening and leaving through it, while shutting it silently behind him. Everyone sat speechless. His good friends hurt, and his Lector knowing that Joshua would change the universe with a heart so bold and full of passion.

"If only he could put his passions behind other emotions, instead of his anger."

Joshua began his long walk home, from the heart of the city to his parent's countryside home. Joshua always noticed the simplicities in life; parts of life that are numerous and commonly overlooked. This was Joshua's life at its best. Joshua was on the taller side of his class, at 6"2'. He was built with wide shoulders and a slightly smaller waistline. Showing a typical posture for his age, he had his shoulders with a heavy arch, and his back kinked forward. Joshua did so often; spending so much time in a lecture hall, takes much of the energy and vivacity out of both him and his peers. Joshua's hands were boldly sized with many, small, childhood scars. Over all, Joshua had been given relatively long and slender extremities, with a mildly formed torso.
The most distinctive feature, his face, would entrance girls to him; that very same feature would drive them off later. A bold jawbone and strong cheek line gave him a nicely framed face. Joshua hoisted, upon his heavy brow, strong eyebrows that sat in a continuously expressionless stance. His nose was a very strong horizontal focal point in comparison. His lips seem almost non-existent due to the paleness of his lip's colors. His eyes were "unusually powerful" as many girls had told him at one time or another. Sky blue, with stripes of clouded gray; specks of virgin white "snow" gave him very forlorn eyes that brought his face to the constant look of "soul searching." This deterred girls from looking at his face. They may have been ashamed, or maybe afraid that he would see a deep and dark secret that shamed them greatly. Joshua had been with girls, but his face deterred them so as that even new girls would be told immediately to stay way from him.
Looking up from his downward gaze became aware that he was at his front gate. As Joshua opened the gate, which made a low groan, an item in his sight called him to gaze upon it. A mysterious pillar of light erupted from a location, he could only guess, was three miles away. This, combined with Joshua's sense of orientation, helped him realized that this pillar came from the city he had just left. Although trying to ignore it, this pillar called to him and tempted his mind. Joshua could do nothing but stare at this pillar, as he murmured a single thought:

"The answers, the answers I have been after for so long, the answers I have yearned for from birth, are at the base. I must get to the base of that pillar!"

Joshua began to walk back to the town, however, the thought of his answers being given to him, made him run. Joshua ran to his fate. Once again passing the outskirts of town, he had no time to look at the simplicities on this trip, the pathways slowly crowded with more people. Joshua was only able to run at an average pace, but was given reflexes that could have given the great elders a challenge. As he ran he: rolled, hopped, dodged, slid, and bounded around the citizens who could only stare in amazement at what they thought to be some sort of dance. While staring at the pillar, it became apparent, that it would converge with the ground at any moment. It soon became apparent to Joshua where the pillars origin lies:

"The pillar is on the pinnacle of that tower, the tower of Ansen! My destination is the top then! So be it!"

Joshua drove through the last bit of crowd, passing through the arched doorway of the tower; like a marathon runner, just happy enough to finish the race. He crouched against a marble pillar to catch his, long since gone, breath.
Once Joshua's breath caught up with him, he started up the stairway. His lengthy frame bounded over the stairs with great ease. He found himself managing an average of six steps to every upward stride. Hitting the last flight of stairs, he could feel his heart calling out to him to stop, but he could not, he would not if he wanted his answers. As his second foot planted itself on the top-level floor, he could not help but fall to his knees from the exertion.
Although his breath was heavy, Joshua had to press on, to and answers and destiny. The immense pain of exertion from his legs left him short of breath, but only doubled his desire for truth. Joshua could only think about how his "parents" and "family" only cared for him being a possible reincarnate, ever since his birth. As an old toddler and a young adolescent of his life, all he wanted was caring people that could give him those little answers to his questions. His parents never cared to find out who he was or who he would become. Apparently all he was good for to them was as a symbol of honor for his family's name. So as a child, he sat confused, and his little heart could do nothing but shrivel up; stolid expression followed soon after.
Now that he might get his inquiries fulfilled in full, he could not waste time and sit just to catch his breath. That thought drove him onward to the pillar, until he was only several yards from the mass. He was in awe of this beautiful light, and he could feel his body rapidly revitalizing itself.

"My strength is returning; this must have something to do with that pillar, but what do I do? Should I walk into it and risk finding myself in harms path, or should I merely ask this pillar for help?"

After a quickly decisive brainstorm, he found that calling on the pillar for help could not do him wrong.

"Pillar! Please, give me the answers to the queries I have made from Birth till now! I have craved these answers throughout my existence, only to be to be met with more quesions. I'm almost too weary of the confusion, and never-ending struggle, to continue!
Please give me. Please give me the answers I hope for, and dream of!"

The pillar, although appearing to be made of intertwining ropes of light, took on a drastic change. The pillar began to shine as if a film were upon it, and then crack like a long tube of hot glass. Cracking and shattering, it fell apart with a long crunch, but disintegrated before hitting the ground. Just as awkwardly as it had appeared, it vanished.

"N-No! You cannot do this to me! I have to know, I can't take having missed out on what my peers had, so easily, handed to them! No!"

His anger and sorrow subsided when his gaze headed downward, only to be stopped by a large black box. He approached this box, easily twice or even three times his size, not stopping until his face was a mere two inches or so from its shiny, glassy exterior. Backing up a minute space, he began to murmur a thought from his mind:

"I-I just don't know what to make of this Box. Is this just another prank the wise and venerable elders have thrown at me? Am I merely a pawn for their amusement? They know I am a reincarnate, do they just wish to torture me into my fate?
I cannot see through this hardened black interior, and yet I can clearly see through it. This makes no sense at all, almost as if in the core of this box lies my answers to which I want so dearly to know. If this is just another jest for their amusement, if I am just a court jester for their laughs, they did get me pretty good."

He both cracked a smile, and shed a tear of pain as he revolved in place. Joshua had hoped for answers and received nothing but cruelty with this black box behind him. With a heavy heart he began on the long journey with a single footstep, as he stepped to take another, he found that he could not manage to lift his foot. Joshua was frantically worried that if he turned around he might find something of which he dreamt in nightmares, but he turned his head with sorrow as to see his fate.
The black box remained hard-edged and unwavering, but an extremity had sprouted from the black objects base; now with a firm hold upon Joshua's leg. Strangely, his covered leg felt cold and painless he couldn't help but wonder if this was what death felt like. As he struggled to free himself, another limb erupted from its surface and took hold of his arm. Soon the black box ensnared his four limbs, Joshua could only think about what would happen to him now. As he struggle, with all his strength and will combined, a wide and thin limb engulfed his waist preventing him from breathing. Joshua felt himself slipping into unconsciousness, but he fought the whole way. The box collapsed onto his body and he fell into a deep level of unconsciousness, of which you're found in just before being dead.