I walk amid this wilderness
And there's not much to see
The shadow of once thriving life
That now has ceased to be

This world has lost it's feeling
It's joy it's pain it's love
The only sign of life that's left
Is one sad little dove

This lonely bird is sitting
Upon one lonely branch
Attached to one last lonely tree
That keeps its solemn stance

As this bird turns to look at me
All the loss and sadness show
He has seen such suffering
No mind should ever know

He's seen too many seasons turn
He's watched for too much time
And keeping him alive so long
Is a monstrous crime

He's seen too many children die
Too many rights go wrong
He's heard too many tales of grief
Too many sad, sad songs

He mourns the countless people
Who grew corrupt with greed
And secured themselves a place in hell
With every wicked deed

He's seen nature be struck down
And lie there lost and broken
And all this time he's never heard
One word of pity spoken

He weeps for his one lonely tree
Who cannot run away
And has watched every tortured moment
For planted he must stay

This small bird is still searching
He's tearing through his mind
He's looking for all sorrow's reason
Which he will never find

He has relived this darkness
Far too many times
And this capacity of feeling
Cannot be captured in a rhyme

He's holding on to nothing
Which is all he's ever known
All sadness locked inside him
He has to me shown

He stumbles through the sorrow
A tear falls from his eye
And here his thoughts are rooted
For his soul will never fly