"Reluctance to Cry"

I want to say the space between is killing me
And I want to rip my heart out again
But I know that won't solve anything
Or bring you back to me
So I guess I'm professing meaningless words
Though my heart is in what I say
Late Wednesday night, there's naught to do
But just sit here and think
Of the great times we had
Mostly walking in the woods you call your own
And holding you in my arms
I don't know if I should try and erase those memories
Because they're painful to think about now
Beautiful shards of glass that pierce
And wound deeper than I let any person see
Your smile still entrances me,
The subtle reminder that you're still beautiful to me
It's been two days and I don't know what to say or do
This is the road never traveled before by me
And I don't know what to do to prevent tumbling
Into the abyss that opens itself before me
I don't know if you think back on the time we shared
Even if it was only a millisecond in the grand scheme of life
But I know I do.
No regrets to be had or wished upon,
Only memories that will never be replaced, I suppose.
I don't know if hope is worth having,
But I hope that in hoping it means something in the long run.
I have spoken my piece
And now it is time for me to bid adieu for this eve
So that I may curl up with my thoughts
And my dreams
And my memories...