A Restless Night
By Night Breeze

Some nights seem to slowly creep,
Tossing and turning you cannot sleep,
Watching the moon glint in the sky,
Shadows fool your watchful eye.

On the outside everything seems to be calm,
But your head, inside is buzzing like an alarm,
Your mind is chattering, out of control,
Restlessness takes over, as stress takes its tole.

Little things that go bump in the night,
Are magnified in volume and give you a fright,
Tick-tock! The clock keeps ticking,
Melting into the sounds that become so sickening.

Quick as a flash you sit up in bed,
"Enough already! I'm loosing my head!",
Your feeble cry doesn't escape your lips,
It's still in your head, a vocal eclipse.

Breathing heavily you survey the room,
Hoping the light will come real soon,
Outside the window a heavenly array,
Of sparkling stars to usher in the day.

You lay your head down and try to relax,
Clearing your mind of all that trash,
Your eyes start to close, with ease now it seems,
You drift off to sleep dreaming beautiful dreams!

(November 4, 2003)