Flyet: HI there! Welcome to my dream and madness! You are all my prisoners! Not really... I just wanted to say that these charachters and this story are ALL MINE! YAY! MINE! HA! Not yours! MINE! Ok, now I've got THAT out of my system, here it is. Chapter one.


I was floating through the clouds. Drifting aimlessly along like a leaf caught in a gentle breeze. I always liked this dream, I could go anywhere, watch, and listen to anything I wanted to. I was one of those people who liked to watch life, never really joining the fray.

I had been floating along listening to this and that for quite some time before I noticed something new. There was a green circle of light far off in the distance. I decided I wanted to examine it further, and no sooner was the thought, thought then I was there.

The Green ball of light before me was not lime or neon as some would think, it was that deep green of light filtering through a forest canopy. It was beautiful, and being a curious creature I wanted to know what it felt like. So, I floated through it.

It was wonderful. Like the warm sun on your skin after sitting in a sunless room, like a gentle spring rain soaking into your skin, like a happy thought. It was all these things and more.

I grinned happily in the after feel of it, before realizing something was wrong. The place I was floating in didn't feel like my usual dream. The air felt cleaner, and yet clingier at the same time.

This is the point where most would become suspicious, but Noooo, not I, not this trusting, inquisitive little idiot. I wanted to explore my new surroundings. So I left my little happy ball of green light behind and went toward the first thing I heard.

I heard what sound like a teacher talking, and a whole classroom of bored thoughts. This was stranger than the green ball and the strange air combined. I hardly ever heard anyones thoughts, and the ones I did hear where in insane asylums. Still my curiousity drove me onward.

I drifted into the classroom just as the teacher halted his lesson abruptly. Paying no attention to the teacher's stange behavior, I looked around myself and raised a mental eyebrow.

This was certainly one strange floating dream! Usually my dreams matched something I'd watched or done that day. I'd watch a movie about grizzly bears, and that night I would watch grizzly bears going about their daily lives. Maybe another night I'd watch a documentry on underground caves. In my floating dream I'd be there, feeling the cool water and watching strange creatures swim around me.

Never had my dream led me to a classroom full of such strange students. There were catgirls and boys, what looked like tree people, two shiney dragon things, centaurs, a few winged human like things, and three humans. They all sat, stood, or layed in various comfortable looking clusters around the room. It seemed like a tightly nit bunch of friends, I wished I was one of them. Looking around once more I decided I liked this floating dream, and would visit this place more often.

Then something caught my attention. While I was contemplating my returen visit the whole class had turned to look in my general direction, and the teacher seemed about to say something to someone sitting around me.

"Who are you?" He asked in a calm but slightly threatening way.

I looked around and thought to myself, *Who is he talking to?*

Suprisingly he answered my thought question. "He is talking to the being floating above his students heads."

I looked at him speechlessly, or I guess in my case, thoughtlessly. No one had ever talked to me in a floating dream before. *You can hear me?* I asked thoughtfully. (Bad puns, I know...)

He seemed annoyed, "Of course I can hear you! Now answer my question!"

I floated over to "stand" infront of this strang man. Looking him over I noted his green robes, his long black braid, and his brilliant hazel eyes which looked through me with an intelligent caution. Deciding to speak was hard. I'm pretty shy around strange adults, but I finally replied quietly, *My name is Kitlin, but I usually go by the name Kit.*

He looked through me for a moment, and then I felt something cage me in. Terrified I tried to get away, but I kept bumping elastic and tough. Everytime I hit it I felt a small sting and was pushed back to the middle of the "Cage". Again and again I threw myself at this strange barrier, and kept getting the same results.

*LET ME GO!* I thought, trying to hurt someone, anyone. The students all cringed and held their ears, even the teacher looked a bit shaken.

Seeming to regain his composure, he turned to his class and asked a question, "Can anyone here tell me what we've caught?"

One of the shiney dragon things raised a hand and stood up. This one seemed to be male his clothing mush like the teachers but red and a little less ornamented, and when he started to speak I was sure of it. His voice was deep with a strange accent and a slight lisp. "You sseem to have caught a losst sspirit. A sshe by the feel of it, sslightly sshy, and mosst definetly curioussss."

I couldn't contain my next outburst, I was hurt and getting a bit mad. HOW DARE he ignore me and talk about me like I wasn't there! *LOST SPIRIT?! I am NO such thing! I was having a good dream before I found the little green happy ball and came here!* I had to smile at the look of astonishment on all their faces.

"Well that changes today lesson quite a bit." The teacher said a bit uncertainly after clearing his throught. "Sunstone you may sit down. Does anyone know why todays experiment went wrong?"

One of the catgirls raised her hand and stood up from her crouching posistion on the floor. She moved with a grace that I envied. Her white ears poked up through her silver hair, and a long fluffy soft looking tail moved behind her, slowly back and forth, in a calming way. She stated in a bored, but captivating voice. "Not expecting anything from another world to notice your gate-lure you set it for anything that wouldn't or couldn't hurt someone. Then when you caught a being you didn't check to see what it was before puting it in a name bind. Then upon finding out it may be an untrained talent you didn't imediatly let her out to go back to what she was doing, breaking at least two of the rules on spirit contact in the process." Then with an agitated swish of her tail she sat down and looked to him expectantly.

"That was a long winded, but correct answer Silverdust. That is why I must search out the dean of the school and find out what is to be done. You stay here and wait quietly for my return." With that he turned and walked quickly and quietly out of the room.

Looking around myself I cringed. All eyes were on me.