I watched as the girl in the containment bubble slumped over. That was the first strang thing to happen to me today. Usually when a sleeper is put to sleep twice they wake up in their own body. Hmph. I should have known that when one gets this close to retirement, something bad always happens.

Keeping my composure I looked a Freefal. "It seems this is Definitely goiung to be a problem, and probably a big one." I grinned wryly. Freefal was begining to look sickly. "I'm off to summon the summoners, keep her out until I get back Freefal." Then I turned to the class. "Because your Professor is going to be quite busy for a while you may have the rest of the period off." I then went back to my office, where I could talk to the best searchers and summoners in comfort.

I sat down at my desk and getting comfortable in my chair I readied my message. *Anyone up for a challenge? I'm looking for searchers, and later I may need summoners, there wont be much money involved, but anyone up for a bit of adventure should come to my office at the school* I ended it with my mental signature and sent it on the high magic channels so no students or apprentices would get it.

I sat back in my chair to wait for an answer, it wasn't long in coming. *Challenge And adventure? I can't wait! I'll be right over Dean Jicaque!* A cold blue wind followed the message. Northwind I nodded to myself, she was one of the best.

Another voice entered my head. *Hello Jicaque. Your looking for watchers and summoners? My wife and I would be happy to help with whatever scheme you have up your sleeve, we'll be in your office in a few minutes.* This time a picture of an oak apeared in my head at the end of the message. Oak and his wife of course. A good team to have.

Since I was a summoner myself that should have been plenty, but one more person asked for my attention. *Hmmmm... A challenge eh? A goood challenge alwayss payss off in the end. Count me in Jicaque.* There was no signature after the message. The strangeness of the voice was almost like a tribesman I had once worked with on the boarder, he was a Lyrin witch doctor.

Deciding not to bother thinking on it, since he would be in my office soon I readied my office for the visitors. I summoned four comfortable chairs, and then I wrote a note and sent it down to the kitchen, hopefully they had tea ready. I then looked at the various documents on my desk and started working on them, might as well get some work done.

I was startled as my door burst open with the first of my visitors. Northwind looked as stunning as ever in her deep blue trousers and a blouse heavily embroidered with a swirling blue pattern. Her blue-black hair was, suprisingly, pulled back in a braid. She strode over to one of the chairs and ploped down. "So, what are we going to be doing Dean?" She grinned composedly.

Shaking my head I replied, "Ever in a hurry Northwind lets wait for the rest of them to arrive." She nodded and sat back in her chair. We both stared through the open door. I watched as the figures of oak and his wife got closer. Then through the door they came.

"Hello Oak, Willow. Please take a seat." They did so and severyone then proceeded to stare at me expectantly. I smiled "There is still one more person not yet here."

"Who?" Northwind voiced the question on everyones mind. Before I could answer the awaited guest popped into the room.


And, Just because I'm starting to get a slight pleasure out of doing this to you all, and I'm hungry, I'm going to leave you at a cliffhanger yet again! *Laughs evily*