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I took a step backwards; my eyes stared at the floor. Cockroaches swarmed around the tile of the kitchen, I do not mind cockroaches, but this display chilled me. Dancing in a long twisting row they formed a strange interlocking symbol. No logical explanation could tell me why those creepy, crawly creatures decided to march around my kitchen. Unless my pesky brother figured out an ingenious way to control the world of bugs, then there was something wrong here. Surreptitiously, I reached for my camera and brought it into focus. Pushing down on the small black button, the camera flashed, capturing the creatures on film. Frightened by the light, the cockroaches sped towards the door and then outside. I sucked in a breath of relief and sank to the cold, hard floor.

Shuddering I thought to myself, "That was creepy. I wonder why those cockroaches were forming that—that symbol. I need my computer," quickly standing back up I dashed up to the computer.

"Bleeop!" the prehistoric computer groaned as it slowly turned on.

Ages later, a window popped up on the screen blinking the words, "Mail: 12 new messages." Ignoring it I exited out and clicked the internet icon. Nothing happened. Clicking the icon again only resulted in another blank screen. Grumbling, I checked my e-mail. Promptly deleting all junk mail and looking at the remaining e-mails, I found one from an unknown-user. Not wishing to get a virus I deleted it and began to walk off but another "bleeop" from the computer made me turn around. Another e-mail from an unknown-user waited to be read. After waving the mouse around for a moment it landed on the e-mail ready to delete it but then I stopped. "Please do not delete this e-mail" read the subject.

A bit taken back by the subject I warily opened the e-mail. As the computer slowly opened it, I nervously licked my strawberry flavored lips and tapped my pencil on the counter. Finally, the words appeared:

"Hello Monica,

You deleted my last e-mail. No, that wasn't a lucky guess. Anyway, did you like those cockroaches? They were forming a 'wheel of being' if you wanted to know. Four interlocking circles that represent the four elements: fire, water, air, and earth. There was no real point in having the cockroaches form that shape besides to get you to come online. Well, be careful Monica.

Bye, T. Shadow."

My mouth hung open and my minty-fresh gum dangled trying to avoid its fall to the floor. How could someone know that? Home alone and the neighbors are not that nosy, or evil, to play such a trick. I secretly was being watched, but by who? Doors and windows clicked as I locked them tight and suspiciously surveyed the room.

To my surprise, I found myself awakened on my sofa listening to the pound of rain. Mother dearest, only moments before, walked in the door and stood shaking off her coat in the kitchen. She said a short hello and left to go whip up dinner. Seeing that nothing anomalous happened while my restless mind slept, I walked into my dark room.

"Nothing weird here," I sighed crawling into my moon chair.

My lava lamps glooped, my black light…well, glowing like a black light. Slowly my tense body relaxed in the comfort of my room. Only the storm's sudden claps of thunder made me jump but all seemed well and I let my body slip into unconsciousness.

Morning came with a shrilled yelp. Mark, my brother, stood pressed against the door.

Rubbing my eyes I glared at him, "What are you screaming about?"

With a meek whimper Mark pointed a shaking finger to the wall above me. I turned and looked to see what looked like blood dripping down the wall in the words, "Beware".

"AAAAAH!" my mouth opened and let out a screech of terror.

I scrambled out of bed and clung to my little brother. He, forgetting what we were screaming at attempted to shove me off him but failed miserably. Attracted by the screams, their mother appeared in the doorway and gasped at the sight. She ushered her us into the living room and grabbed a sponge from the kitchen.

After what seemed like hours of fretting Mother walked out with a somewhat smug look.

"Ketchup," she half laughed, "Ketchup! It was ketchup!"

I did not laugh; someone did that to scare me. Knowing another e-mail would be waiting for me I headed to my computer. There it laid, another piece of mail from 'Shadow':

"Hello again,

I see you were relaxing since our last chat…well you never actually said anything but I have an idea of what you were thinking. It's going to rain again today, I wouldn't go out if I were you—trust me. You know what's really good? French fries…with ketchup. Hahaha.

Good-bye, T. Shadow."

How could I trust someone who stalks me and I do not even know? Shadow, or whoever he really is put ketchup on my wall, scared me to death with stupid bugs, and sent creepy e-mails. As if a cue from a movie, the sky let out a loud clap and began its thunderous downpour.

"How do you know all this!?" I screamed at computer.

Mark poked his head in the door and in a serious tone replied, "Stop talking to yourself, it's not healthy."

"Get out of my room!" I huffed exhaustedly.

"Bleeeah," he teased, sticking his tongue out as he left.

Carried by sound waves my mother's voice reached my ears, "Monica Ann White, come here now."

Rolling my eyes I stomped into the den. My hair flopped forward into my eyes as I studied my shoes, "Yes mother?"

"Do not yell at your brother," she scolded, "He only came to tell you we are going to the store and will be gone for several hours"

"Whatever," I muttered under my breath as I walked off.

It began to get dark and my mom and brother still were not home so I pulled out a book and began to read. As I reached the climax, the phone rang. Grumbling I stuffed a bookmark into the book and snatched the phone from its cradle.


"Hey Monica, it's Robyn. Could you run your math book over here? I forgot mine at school." she said with a hint of anxiousness.

With a quick reply of, "Sure," I hung up and headed over.

I ran two blocks to her house hugging the ancient textbook to my chest so not to get it wet. After dropping it off I began back. The heavy rain and almost completely black sky blurred my vision. I stumbled along and finally crossed the last street when I froze. Glaring lights shone on me from the front of a 1988 Honda Accord. The squeal of brakes filled my ears mixing with my own blood chilling scream as it slammed into me. Voices shouting around me filled the dark, wet street as the rain soaked my skin. Warmth covered my face; I could taste it, blood. My head spun and then darkness took over.

"Hello Monica," a soft voice whispered.

I opened my eyes slowly to well, nothingness. Only a young man stood in a loose navy blue shirt and dark pants. His brown hair fell into his eyes as he looked down, watching me. My eyes focused better as I gazed at him and found that on his back rested two, pearly white wings.

"Whoa!" I exclaimed, "Who are you? I'm dead aren't I?"

A gorgeous smile flashed as he spoke, "No, not dead, merely sleeping. Since you didn't ask, my name is Shadow."

My heart pounded. Shadow, Shadow! He sent those e-mails and put ketchup on my wall. He is the one who hit me with that car—but how?

I glared and spat out, "Who—what are you and why are you doing all this!?"

He smirked and ran his hand through his hair, "I want you dead. I've been your guardian angel since you were born; watching over you, making sure you had a good conscious—disgraceful. You, and all humans, are the most worthless things in the world and I am sick of watching your insignificant lives!"

Terror filled my eyes as I tried to move away but my feet stuck to the nothingness.

Shadow pulled out a long, thin, and obviously sharp, curved dagger from inside his shirt. I screamed and tried to get away but I could not move. He moved forward, an almost insane grin on his face, but stopped only a foot away and cursed under his breath. White transformed to black and Shadow faded away.

"Monica!" my mothered squealed as I blinked my eyes until they focused.

Snatched up in a hug I squirmed to get free. It felt like a train hit me—or a car, well obviously. I looked about the room and saw my brother and my neighbors, and then a man I did not know. Tall with brown hair and wearing a loose blue shirt he smiled a sick smile. As quickly as humanly possible for someone who only hours before had been hit by a car, I crawled out of the hospital bed and chased my mother out the door.

I did not dare fall asleep in the car even though my body ached and my eyes drooped. As a dream or real life, the idea of seeing Shadow again frightened me. When I got home, aching and sore, I clambered to the computer. Of course, exactly as I anticipated, an e-mail awaited me:

"Monica, Monica, Monica,

You ran away. You've never been scared of anything in your whole life—how amusing. It was nice that you could meet me. You're right to be scared of the dream world; it's the only way I can get to you. In the dream world you are helpless and if you die in a dream, you die. I can't actually kill you in real life—so I have found out, but eventually you will be forced to return here and I will have my revenge

Good bye, T. Shadow"

I did not sleep all that night. I drank caffeinated sodas and stayed online all night searching the web for information about angels. Sunlight slowly began its advance into my house as I found a website long forgotten by its creator. It contained pages about fallen angels and their life in the dream realm and the one way to get rid of them.

"Mom, do we still have that wilted rose?" I called down the hall.

"Yes, it's on the table. Will you throw it out please," she replied.

I snatched the rose along with a small white candle and then headed to my room. Placing the candle on the floor besides the rose I struck a match and lit it. From a box hidden under the bed I retrieved a small, beautiful dagger. I dropped the wrinkled, wilted flower onto the flame nearly extinguishing it, but continued to burn away the petals. The final step to be rid of Shadow, I brought the blade to my wrist and cut it deep, then sliced the other. Shadow would never return. He let me die and therefore banished himself forever to the Chains of Odium. I closed my eyes and smiled. On my computer screen I left a letter to my mom telling her I love her and not to worry. I was happy knowing I would not live in fear for myself, or others.

"I love you," I said to the world as I let my last breath leave my lips—harsh and cold.

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