Tomorrow theres
a hope, a dream,
a new light for
new realms.
Tomorrow theres
new life
less death,
new peace,
less war
for alms.
Yet yesterday
there lies
a fall,
but we are not
from then
a world of
a time of
that yet may come
a phocus,
a future,
may yet be ours to hold,
yet comes a price,
for each of us
the value yet untold.
and when that time comes
will we sacrifice
all we hold true and dear,
for sake of those we don't yet know
to guide them through their fear
sometime we will have the choice
'tween what we want and need
and for the peace, from with the price
will we truely take heed?
For we can conquer,
we can suffice,
though times of hardship and woe,
but can we really
pay the price,
are we willing, or is it no?
What will you
for tomorrows sake
take from today
and yesterday,
for the night from which
we may not wake?
Phocuse on tomorrow
don't dwell on the past
we must all pay the price
for things that may not last,
for when the trumpets ring
on that lonely judgement day,
we will have triumphed,
we will have won,
the evil gone away.
tomorrow holds the worlds only hope
it's only retribution
for the past is past,
bygones bygones,
which is yesterday
gone on the wind.

Yes, that poem had very little structure, which is why I need you REVIEWS.
My teachers at school are too stunned with the fact that I write for fun to
give me thr truth, because I know it's not as good as they say it is, and
my friends are my friends, so they won't want to dissappoint me. I don't
know you, I probably never will, so I hope that I can trust you to be as
critical as possible? We learn from our mistakes, so feel free to point
mine out.