Yeah, this is what happens when I write about love. Blood, death, destruction... it's all part of the package to me. You can think of this as a metaphor if you want, but half of it is just silliness that was fun to write at the time.


My Personal Apocalypse

I have the End of the World in my pocket
The Four Riders of Hell in my shoe
The death of the cosmsos in my backyard
But all I want is you

The rock that killed all the dinos
Is a paperweight stuck on my desk
The rats that infected Great Britain
Are now my festering pets

I sleep in a wormhole, I eat with the plague
I dance with the Grim Reaper too
I keep nuclear weapons in the back of my car
But I can't live without you

When I turn on the light, the sun tilts off-course
My fridge holds the second Ice-Age
My microwave emits deadly radiations
And my job at the morgue pays minumum wage

My piano can throw off the Dance of the Spheres
And Lucifer lives in the loo
I use supernovas as flashlights
But I can't find my way without you

Everyday I take Cerebus out for a walk
While I hum the Wipeout song
I keep in my hand the Doomsday trigger
In case a mugger happens along

My TV sends war signals to aliens
There's a reason that my pool is so cold
There floats the iceberg that crashed the Titanic
But it can't be as chilled as your soul

Armageddon lies under my pillow
With a handful of latent World Wars
There's a wasteland waiting to happen
As soon as I step out the door

Y2K lives inside my computer
My dad is the Angel of Death
Our plumbing could rupture the core of the Earth
Just as long as you're the only one left

Oh, this world may die and the Heavens may cry
And the Devil will laugh long and loud
But as long as you stay here, still breathing, still free...

I won't let loose my personal Apocalypse.


The last line doesn't rhyme on purpose. Please review.