To Risk Continuation_

The cur was led on the street

on a leash

fury unleashed

at being beat.

A creature

with no rights,

its sole teacher

lacking in light,

and only sleepless nights.

Is that what I have become?

Is this a meaningless beat

on an invisible drum?

Have I been beat,

you bet,

from bleeding,


So why did I come?

Into this world

obliged to unfold

horrors untold

for other lives.

Foretold in knowing

wherever I'm going

I'm going down.

I just may drown,

may not survive,

but I'll take the dive.

Around me

surround me

invisible clothes.

They worship the disk

of the sun.

Life's a risk

'cause nobody knows

how long a run

this play's gonna be.

'Cause nobody sees.

It's been done before.

Why should we hunger for

the dreams of the past?

Visions don't last.

We fell once,

we'll fall again.

Such a dunce,

in love with the song

of the wren

all along

just a song.

Every nation alone

peaceful tone

an act,

an attempt to reenact

history but change it,

use misery, but rearrange it.

Are they deranged?

All allies estranged

they fight for a word

and kill for a song.

They brandish a sword

to exterminate wrong?

We'll ignore degradation

implore concentration

on meditation

forgetting the restoration

of old hate.

Why not contemplate

the changing times

instead of wasting rhymes

go save a soul

change a goal

from bitter to sweet

like a knitter so neat

no tangle prevails.

Yet we ignore

wails of hunger and pain.

I can' take it any longer,

I'll go insane!

Too many contradictions clog my brain.




No way

can I give up

though my cup is full

of frustration.

I have value to risk continuation.

Do I even dare go on?

When courage and resolution are gone?

The run's been brisk,

and full of dehydration.

But I'm not too breathless to risk