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Good morning. The sun was shining through the white curtains- straight

on my face. Pale though she was, it hurt terribly- to open one's eyes in the dazzling light. My eyes adjusted slowly and I felt someone elbow me before I could properly see.

"Up so early are we?"

I turned quickly to my brother. His pale hands were strangely illuminated in the pale morning light. The silver charm bracelet he always wore made it's familiar tinkling sound.

"Yes. I am famished, can we go to the Corner today?"

"Of course-I hope old Andy hasn't returned though-he almost saw me change the last time we were there. 'twas a good thing I followed him home and set him straight-or made his back a bit crooked."

There he was again. The morning had hardly passed and already he was gloating. I saw his blood red tongue run over his slightly parched lips.

"I do not think he will ever come back to the Corner. You scared him too much. He knows now our numbers. He will not dare to." I answered.

It pained me to agree with my brother- about anything. It does not happen too often, that we have triumphed as a team.

I apologize. The events of that past morning still remains fresh in my mind- though I will not deny that they were sometime ago. I am a vampire, as is my brother. It was his brotherly care, which he showed at the most wrong time, that gave him his eternal punishment.

The morning of which I have written about (no doubt painfully for my brother's memory is well kept and cherished but not too rejoiced) is the one morning of the beginning of my brother's death. Though that is wrong to say- that morning was the beginning of his eternal rest.

I cried bitterly for him, many tears were shed. So much that I fear I have made my own ocean.

I have chosen this most painful memory to enlighten others and prevent further pain and injury to any who might be foolish enough to copy him.

I bring but a simple message: LOVE IS TREACHEROUS

We walked together-tall and proud. Our hair against the setting sun was sparkling orange and fiery red. Clothed in deep purple and black- we marched to our haunting grounds. People sighed as we passed them by. Indeed we were beings of unearthly beauty. Yet here we are. Our eyes were green and our hands pale- no doubt one would think we were beautiful. That was the effect we longed for. We were marching to the corner- a dark and deep ally between two abandoned buildings in the least inhabited part of town. The table was waiting and the buffet was spread out far and wide.

"Look at them!" a girl squealed behind us.

"You're right, they're gorgeous!" Another exclaimed.

I smiled grimly. They would say no such thing had they know what we were.

Two girls were walking down the street, facing us. Their skin glowed in fruitful youth. At once, my brother found his main dish. My brother lifted his chin and put his nose in the air. He was trying to judge the value of their blood.

"I want the one on the left, brother, you take the one on the right." He said.

He flashed his blinding smile and approached them casually. I would have sighed, indeed, I wanted to give some warning to the poor girl. Come noon, she would not have one drop of blood in her. My brother drank all of it- if possible- he had second helpings. I followed suit- disobeying my brother only meant that I had to go find my own meal- and these two were more than satisfactory.

"Type AB blood." I said under my breath. Those don't come along often.

My brother's eyes flashed silver as he neared them. If only you looked him directly in the eye- you would see the look of a lion approaching an unsuspecting prey. Dead meat.

"Hello, my lady." He said, bowing to the girl on the far left.

"Hi" she replied shyly.

She was wearing a yellow jacket with black pants. She had a book bag under one arm and a pencil was stuck between her ear.

"I am Aniron, and this is my brother John." He said.

At length, he took her hand in his and kissed it gently- never taking his eyes from her face.

"And, may I know your name?" he asked.

"Bliss, I'm Bliss and this is my friend Kimmy." She replied.

My brother straightened up and signaled at me. This was my cue to gain their trust. I had to lure them into a pleasant conversation- ending in a would be brunch near a " cozy restaurant" near here that we often came to. Then, the rest was history. Usually, the process only took a few hours. These humans are weak. They will fall for a pretty face- if they do not immediately see the devilry therein.

"Shall we, Ladies?" I asked, offering Kimmy my arm.

She took it gladly and went on talking about her life. I did not care to listen. Her idle talk about her life (which was soon to end anyway)bored me greatly- and I had another, more satisfying conversation to listen to.

"I do not care for Television either. The shows there close the mind's eye- we are blind when we think we can see everything all too well." My brother was saying.

I looked at him long- willing him to look at me as well- there was great danger if a hunter let their prey get too close.

Finally, he looked at me- but before I could express my fear and anxiety, an unusual glint in his eye distracted me.

His eyes filled with wonder- as though he had found a great gem among rotting leaves and foliage. His pale face was contorted- almost as though he was trying to smile his genuine smile. One that I knew had never sufficed since our mortal life.

I knew then that something was amiss. Why I did not act upon my intuition- remains to be a question unanswered.

We were nearing the alley- Bliss and my brother were still talking before us. Now was the crucial time somehow we had to entice them to enter into the dark- where no scream or cry will escape swift death.

We neared the entrance. Almost, I could feel the chill wind blowing from it- a cave calling.


I stopped right at the brink of the great shadow. Quick as lightning- and faster than mortal eyes may follow- I put my arms around Kimmy's waist and jumped into the shadow just as it opened and swallowed. My brother with Bliss followed.

My eyes did not need time to adjust in the dark. These eyes were made to live and strive in it.

I felt Kimmy grip my elbow.

"It's so dark." She said- fearing to let go.

I chuckled wickedly.

"do you have any idea what is to follow?" I asked, facing her and gently stoking her, by now, pale cheek. She shivered at my touch.

"y-yes." She answered and obediently closed her eyes. I leaned into the fake kiss and let her fell my breath first.

"This is the Kiss of Death" I whispered in her ear.

I moved my lips to meet hers and kissed her.

I loved toying with them and their strange fears. Kimmy did nothing but giggle- thinking that I was flirting with her.

With my hands I held her face and tilted it in an angle.

I am hungry.

I felt the vampire within me laugh. I kissed her neck then bared my fangs. Now for the moment of truth.

Slowly- I pierced her flesh and I felt her tense beneath my embrace. But I punctured a vein and immediately she fainted. Limp- I set her slowly down on the cold alley floor and started my meal. Indeed I was hungry. Usually- I did not bother to kill a victim- no- I still had pity for mortals and spared them- leaving only a memory that is vague and is taken for a nightmare. But today- I was hungry, very hungry.

The blood of the girl made my senses keener and soon I opened my eyes. Aniron was carrying Bliss- unconscious- in his arms.

I stopped feeding and stood up to my full height to speak.

"You are not hungry?" I asked.

He did not bother to reply- gently, he placed Bliss down on the ground near Kimmy and walked away to stand near the entrance.

"Eat quickly. Day passes swift."

Forgetting about my hunger for a moment, I followed and asked.

"You are not hungry?"

He sighed. He did not sound tired- no- on the contrary he sounded as though he had, for the first time in his life, been happy. He amused me and I laughed loudly.

A cold, cruel, mocking laugh.

"How could a human girl distress You?" I asked sardonically.

He did not answer.

"'tis not the girl that distresses me " he paused " not she but this" he placed his right hand over his heart.

We don't have a heart. If we did- it was cold and cheerless- beatless and still. It recognized no emotion nor pain. Nothing. In other words less explained- we were numb. Needless to say I could not understand. For a while we stood like that- not knowing what my brother said and how to react. The silence that folded us into it's being stirred and disappeared when my brother at last spoke.

"Finish your breakfast. Let us go."

I looked back towards Kimmy and felt no hunger- all seemed to turn to confusion. What did my brother mean? In all the centuries- we have felt neither peril nor hope. We floated through our existence from which we are greatly tired.

"I am not hungry. . .not anymore."

"Then let us go." Aniron did not notice the change in my appetite, nor did he notice the change in himself.

For some reason, which I later found out, my brother's 'condition' remained with me- a shadow that refused to blend into the surrounding darkness- a shadow that stuck to me and me alone. Something was going to happen- though I did not know then what.

We did not see Kimmy or Bliss again- not for a year and a half. My brother too refused to say more on the matter- regarding it as a long passed phase- a temporary stupor he long escaped. Eventually, I forgot it also, but in the quiet times when I could think- it would come back.

"Not her but this. . ."

What had my brother felt?

In our mortal life- he had loved. Indeed, even then he was a favorite of the ladies. Even then he had tasted the sweet nectar that I did not think he would ever feel again.

What had my brother felt?

Matters of the heart were not discussed between us- perhaps because it reminded us too much of our lives then. Of the people we used to value- of our parents and their understanding. No- we did not heed love, or the call to.

Yet could you blame us?

Forever would our hearts be calling for someone. Forever also would we feel the pain. No, I do not think that anyone could endure that for long. Who could love us now? Is it not easier to forget than be forgotten?

Again, I will take the time to repeat my message: LOVE IS TREACHEROUS.

The heart, as I found out, can not be stilled for long- not even the vampire can stop it.

Now, nothing worth telling happened. Not until we met them again. With this fact in mind, I have skipped- after the year and a half- to the day we saw them again. We did not talk then, for fear that the horror they experienced plagued them as is still, but we watched them from afar.