CHAPTER FOUR : Israfel, the fallen Angel part one

I never knew why i so loved this man's beauty.

The fact that we were BOTH men made this fact less easier to swallow. His beauty is breathtaking, and it would make all else whither. I loved his eyes that sparkled with each new emotion. And it spoke out when his heart was overladen with sadness.

But in the end, it was his beauty that i loved, and his sadness that i desired, and his love that i loathed.

The west was sparkling with mist, as the clouds overhead bid their time in drowning us all with their, yet unshed tears, and the bats have only started to come out from their deep places of slumber, when I walked down the street, looking for her. I will not say that I was completely sane, because that in itself is such a lie that heaven and hell would stop warring should anyone believe it. I was looking for her. Before I knew him, my heart has already fallen prey to yet another creature. I likened her to a goddess stepping from her throne in heaven to lay a finger upon my heart, and I believe that I doing so, she bid my heart to never falter in its eternal devotion to her, that my soul was bound be her to her own and that only she could release me should she wish it. And so, here I was, following her through the streets, spying on her at night and stalking her by day, but it seemed to me that she did not care, nor did she do anything to prevent me from stalking her, from watching her, from desiring her.

It was at that day, in that hour, as I was walking down the street, following her to a shop that she went to everyday that I met him. Glowing green eyes from the darkness, I saw his eyes watching me watch her, and I stopped and peered into the gloom of the alley and suddenly, the darkness engulfed me in a tight embrace and never let me go. I felt my back being pressed into the wall and I struggled, gulping the foul air that seemed lifeless and cold, searing into my lungs, giving no breath of life.

I struggled harder, but a strong pair of white hands suddenly clasped my mouth closed, preventing me from trying to breathe, and a strong, inhumanly strong arm suddenly placed itself against my throat, in a fair effort to strangle me. My eyes bulged as I saw screaming eyes staring at me from the gloom and I looked down to see nothing but the black void that surrounded my body. Suddenly to silver-edged fangs showed themselves and I saw the blood-red outline of a tongue licking across them, a sign that the thing—whatever it was—was hungry. For what, I wondered, idiocy was clouding my brain again, not wanting to believe what illogical reason now told me.

"You follow her?" the voice was like. . . like a cloud in its softness and like terrible thunder to the heart of whoever heard it. It was animalistic, vengeful, angry. . .monstrous. I felt the creature's hot breath upon my brow and realized that this—thing—was taller than almost a foot from me, and that, to reach my eye-level, it was looking down upon me. My, now I truly felt like prey to a most hideous beast. Wait, it was speaking again, and though terror gripped me and swallowed me whole, with the help of the knowledge that I had seen my goddess for the last time and that I would never now be seen in the waking world again, though I doubted that would make a difference, I swallowed hard and tried to speak calmly. It has asked me a question. It let go of my mouth just long enough for me to take a breathe and answer. Its now free hand easily subdued my flailing arms.

"Why were you following her?" It was growling.

"I—I—I" was all I could stutter out. My glasses fogged from the creature's hot breath.

"You—you—you are going to answer my question." It mocked me. Usually, given a different position, I would have become angry. But I did not.

"I—I—its my job."

The blood-red tongue flicked out and stroked those fangs again. "Your job?"

Its tone was amused and, though I did not hear it, boiling with anger. It was better that I didn't hear the anger.

"Tell me, how much do you get paid?"

"I—I—don't" I thought then, 'Dear Lord! I'm going to die!'.

I could laugh now.

"A job that you took without pay? What are you?"

"It's my hobby." Sweat started to pour from my brow. Now, the creature laughed, opening its mouth. Fear gripped me.

"Hobby? Would you like to know what my hobby is?" Such malice was in its voice.

"No. its my hobby to—to—to"

"It is your hobby to stalk people, is it?" Undeniable anger now.

"I love her."

A growl from my captor and the arm on my throat began to push me closer to the wall. I could barely breathe. I gasped

"Love? I don't think I could accuse you of not loving her." The arm started to loosen its grip on my throat, it started to let me free from being sandwiched between the wall and it. "Because I don't know what love is" A face suddenly came out of the darkness, and strangely, I could see the features properly. And I could tell him then that all I had thought I felt for the girl was nothing, NOTHING compared to what feelings burst into my chest at the sight of him. She was a goddess, but he, he was everything holy, Heaven and gods alike. Green eyes stared at me with obvious dislike, but now and again, they shimmered with an evil grin but behind it all, you could see a wall of nothingness. And you could feel behind that, the sorrow and confusion that nothing on this Earth was meant to bear.

"You—you are beautiful. . ." and though I was frightened out of my wits, I managed a small smile. The creature was apparently taken aback.


"So beautiful." For a moment, those darling green eyes showed confusion, and he raised one eyebrow. His thin lips curved into a cat-like devilish grin. I felt his hot breath on my cheek as he stepped closer. I now noticed that his entire body was very near mine, but I wondered why I couldn't feel his body over my own.

I and it dawned on me then that it was a he, though it was an initial reaction to see that it had no woman's face and no woman's strength.

He released my throat and I fell to the ground in a tired heap.

He crouched down to meet me. "What is your name?" He asked, his voice held no anger now, and he stroked my cheek.

His hand was cold. So cold, and his fingers were long, and soft.

"Israfel" my voice, compared to his own, hung about the place, easily replaced by silence. He nodded.

"What do you know about Bliss?"

I felt my cheeks redden in a blush. he knew my goddess! MYGoddess! WHO WAS THIS MAN?! I then realized that I wasn't pinned to the wall anymore and that I had the use of both my arms which were then being held by his hand that originally held my mouth.

I clenched my fist, and, foolishly decided to strike. If I had given more thought to the matter, and taken to consideration the fact that I was being held up against that wall by this man who did not seem to tire, I would've doubted my strength. But, I did not, and so, I ended up against the said wall for the second time, my throat being held by one massive hand. I choked.

"things would go a lot smother, Israfel, if you would just answer my questions."

I remembered the other two limbs that were attached to the other side of me. I could still move my legs, so I kicked me hard, the charge hitting him squarely in the face. For a second, his grip loosened and I was able to take a breath, but he quickly recovered, wiping the trickle of blood that ran down his chin.

"What do you know about Bliss?" he asked again.

I opened my mouth to answer, instead, I tried to take a gulp of air. I failed miserably.

"I will set you on you feet, Israfel, if you promise to be quiet." He smirked and I knew that he would have no problem making me keep quiet.

I nodded. He let go. I rubbed my neck where his long fingers had grabbed it.

"Now, what do you know about Bliss?"

"Who the fuck are you?! What the fuck is wrong with you?!" I countered, standing up and staggering to the wall for support.

I still had difficulty breathing, and the cold about me had become colder.

"An admirer."

Turning to face him, I prepared my most sarcastic voice.

"Oh!" it was my turn to mock him. "There's a price for this information, you know." I spat at his feet.

"Everything has a price." His voice was numb now. "How much?"

I stroked my unshaven chin and started counting. "three hundred dollars." I named my price. "and an answer for each question I'm gonna ask.."

He came a step closer. "I've got the three hundred dollars." Then, he grinned at me. "And I've got answers."

A wave of terror took me. The darkness around me was unsettling. I did not want to stay in this alley at all. I shivered.

He looked over at me.

"Perhaps its best if we do business somewhere else." I agreed.


I followed him out of the alley, and noticed that it was dark out. I looked at my watch. It was 1:00 am.

"Fuck!" I swore.

"Yes." My companion said. "time does fly."

"My money's at home. We'll bargain there." He said.

"But maybe I'll give you a chance to ask one question now. Just one, mind you."

I thought for a moment. What did I want to ask this brute you took my breath away with his beauty and could have easily killed me? And what was his relation to Bliss? WHO THE FUCK WAS THIS GUY?!

"I've got one." He nodded. "What's your name?"

He looked up at the moon.


Have you ever noticed the glow of the moon at the odd hours of the morning? I did. It's the brightest at those hours. 'tis a shame nobody sees them.

The light had all been spent then, and the stars were veiled. All I could see was the moon as it lighted the dark heavens.

I looked at Aniron once, you know, and the glow of that eerie moon seemed never to fall on him. His beauty was never captured by that sickle, green, yellow, golden, blood-crimson light. But his beauty always matched the darkness.


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