Fairy Footsteps

Fresh as spring's early morn,
Quiet as forbidden sojourn.

Tender like a mother's eyes,
Still as heartbreak's goodbyes.

Cool and calming as an ocean wave's rush,
Light as a silken feathered touch.

Airy; careless,
just like daylight brings,
Airy, little blameless things.

Sweet and gentle as love's first kiss,
Cherry-flavored enchanted bliss.

Small and dainty on gossamer wings,
Disbelieving tales it brings.

Candied glitter sprinkles down,
Onto fairy trodden ground.

Merry laughter echoes through,
Haunts every nook of flowered hue.

Around and round the footsteps sing,
Around and round the fairy ring.

Ghostly pilgrimage to your bed,
To whisper dreams inside your head.

Glowing giggles end at sun's sight,
Of fairy footsteps made by night.