With a soft hum the unlikely generator started. A few lights blipped on and off on its black side. Slowly and inpercievably, a ball of golden light expanded out from the machine, encompassing first the table, then the bed and then the room. Looking out the window you would have seen a golden wall moving away growing faster as it went. By morning it would have the entire world in its grasp. My sunday, the Solar system, and, by Christmas, it would be well on its way to taking over the entire galaxy.

It was a moment before the unlikely generators affects could be felt, them being unlikely events. It began with a very small thing:

First a pen that was laid on a desk clicked. It was a small noise, but one so fundamental, so incredibly profound to the future of the univers, that it hushed the room.

The pen clicked again. Then once. Slowly, it rose unaided from the desktop, hovered over a sheet of paper, and then started to write, ' memoires of an invisable man'. It paused, as though considering something, and then underlined that passage several times.

Outside, a bird hit the wall of unlikelyness and turned suddenly into a flying pig. It flew away in a burst of rainbow sparkles.

A mirror that stood in the corner of the room was affected yet. It's surfaced rippled, then suddenly fractured, throwing the reflection of the room all over the place. Thick red mist began to flow from these cracks. They quickly encompassed the mirror, sheilding it from view.

"If this was a film," one of the spectators said slowly and carefully, his gaze fixxed on the bubblingness, "a big green alien would burst out of that right now and kill us all."

By nature, the people were curious. Why else would they had undertaken an experiment that could have ripped the very universe to shreds. As a man, they leant forward, eager for any hint of green.

The mist rippled. The men craned ever closer. The silence was disrupted by the sounds of fifteen plastic chairs all creaking. A drop of sweat plonked from someones forhead onto the floor.

Suddenly the mist formed a hand, the hand became real, it grabbed one of the men and pulled them in.

There was a noise somewhere between a burp and a sigh. When the mist cleared there was nothing there but a broken mirror.


A hand grabbed my collar and I was yanked forward, through the mist. I felt my head conect with the mirror surface and then it bulged like rubber and gave way. I felt as though I was falling. Falling through thick red mist. The hand that had grabbed me was nowhere in sight, neither was the owner of that hand. Blood redness swam about me.