The Tempest

You are sitting on the beach, your eyes extending as far as the horizon is. At the end of the world the sun is setting. The mixture of the colours of red, orange, and yellow excite your eyes but at the same time you feel relaxed. The once hot sand beneath you begins to cool down as you lay back to watch the sunset.

Slowly from the ends of the earth rises a dark cloud. The palm leaves around you rustle: the sand begins to shift. Gradually the cloud engulfs the once colorful sky with darkness and sorrow. Lingering above your head the cloud sends a loud clap, ringing in your ears. Rain begins to trickle around you getting harder and harder as the wind blows. Shifting sand starts to fly. Blinded by the beauty of this storm you cower, but find it captivating and mesmerizing. The wind overpowers the rain, forcing it to pound the earth. The sea trembles beneath its great powers.

The wind shifts from left to right flowing through the leaves and dancing through your hair. The rain starts to dance. You watch as the beauty of nature synchronizes its self in perfect harmony. The wind takes control of the storm, gently preparing the world for the splendor of the storm to come. The rain takes heed of the wind and obeys it's every command, following it with a melody all it's own. Conducting this marvelous spectacle, the wind trains the rain to be fierce and powerful. Letting it spread its strongest element across the ocean.

The waves in the ocean gain momentum: height is no question. The curl of a wave overwhelms the low grey cloud and rolls towards you, getting greater and greater. The energetic ocean awaits the wave's strike by clashing ferociously against your feet. The rain pounds on your very existence. Your mind races, fear beats in your very heart.

Simultaneously the rain and the thunder create such a rhythm that hypnotizes your very soul. The wind follows gently, shyly, gracefully, making way for light to materialize. The ocean anticipates the coming of the light, silently it rolls by and by, waiting patiently for the magnitude it shall bring with it. The leaves all blow enthusiastically as a crowd, waiting for the coming of the light. The rain and thunder carve a path for the light to illuminate. And world watches as the storm unravels itself.

All falls silent as a spark appears. The rain eases itself for its task ahead. The wind blows gently, preparing to escort the light. The thunder prepares itself as a drum roll for the light, beating and pounding to gain control of the storm.

Thunder over powers the storm. Commanding them to join him in his triumphant welcome. The rain assists the ocean in beating the earth, like a drum.

The wind blows to and fro guiding the spark to its special throne. The rain follows behind forming a spectacle for the world to see. Thunder strikes, once, twice, growing impatient, pounding yet again and again. The wind dances joyfully as the sky illuminates. The rain batters the earth in joy. The sea rolls endlessly in bliss. And Lightning strikes.

This happy realm or beings rejoice for their guiding light has shown them the way. And the dark cloud of which is their home glides gracefully away.

Rest assured the world has seen a great spectacle this day.

-Julie Fernandes.