I wonder, if I had done things differently this summer, if it would all be the same. Because, we all have a fate, right? At least, that's what they all say.

So if something like that was meant to happen, it would have either way. Am I correct? Some people may disagree. Hell, I disagree! Sometimes I think of what could have happened differently; what I could have done, said…everything, to make the outcome of my summer be different. But I can't redo anything, even though I wish I could. I wish so much for that.

I wish to be back at school on the last day, walking out with my heavy bag on my back…walking with my friends, walking with him, talking and laughing. I wish to be on the bus, and re-given the invitation to the party. I wish I would have thrown the paper away, because I know that's where it all started. I know. And I knew the day after that something would happen over summer break. But I didn't do anything to stop it, did I? No…I just went right along with everything, even though I felt bad or knew it would end up wrong somehow.

And there you are, listening to me rant on and on about something you don't know anything about. Maybe you want to know, maybe you don't. I can't say so for you… so maybe you should just read on. But who am I to tell you what to do?