"Shy!" he calls. I'm about a mile away from his house. And it's taken me about twenty minutes to get there.

I wait for him. He picks me up and swings me around when he reaches me.

"We're going somewhere. Come on."

We go back to his place and get in the truck. To my place he drives. How interesting.

"You could probably come, you know…if you want to." He says as we get out. I chuckle.

"I do not want to go…"

"Ah, thanks."

"Aw, I'm sorry babe."

He laughs and leads me to my room. Lily's gone to the doctor's office and dad is at work.

"Change into that outfit you wore at Jeremy's party."

"The whole outfit?" I ask, remembering the bothersome underwear. Donovan shrugs, but I see by his face that the idea doesn't disgust him. I change into everything. Donovan tries to be modest and gentlemanly about it, but I catch him looking at me every once in a while.

"Ah…beautiful." He whispers, lifting my hair off my neck and kissing it. I spray a perfume called Fire & Ice all around me. Donovan shrugs his jacket over my shoulders. Winter has melted away and spring is here, chilling the air and wetting the land. And since I'm in a mid-thigh length dress that has little straps…THO anyone?

"Where're we going?"

"Out." Donovan replies, leading me outside. He helps me in the truck and we leave.

We end up at a restaurant I've never heard of before. But we have reservations, so…I'm guessing it's a well-to-do place. It's Italian, and I don't catch the name as we walk in, but it smells delicious and I'm hungry.

The woman leads us to the second floor. It's mostly dark—dimmed—up here. But she takes us to one of the balconies.

"I'll be back soon to get your orders." She says before disappearing.

"Donovan, you didn't have to do this." I say as soon as she's gone. He laughs.

"I know I didn't." he gives a fake little gasp. "Could it be because I wanted to?"

I sigh and look at the menu. Yes, expensive, but I hadn't expected less. I hate it when he does this…it sucks.

"Thanks." I say quietly.

"So what're you getting?"

"Mm…pasta. Or a salad." It's a tough decision. "You?"


We're there for over an hour and a half. Donovan pays and leads me out. Once we're in his truck, he takes a bandanna and folds it three times, so it's thick—like they do when you're hitting the piñata. Then he ties it so I can't see.


"Shh." He says. I truck begins moving and I grip the handle. Donovan chuckles. "Calm down."

I settle into the seat and eventually fall asleep.

I'm jarred awake when the truck stops—when I no longer feel the lull of the engine. I automatically go to remove the blindfold, but Donovan tsk's and I jerk my hands away. I hear his door open and close and then mine opens and he pulls me out, shutting the door behind me.

"Hold your arms out." He orders. I do so and feel his jacket being slipped on me.

"Where are we?" I ask.

"Don't worry about it." He replies and we start to move. We go slowly since I'm blindfolded—but mostly because I refuse to walk at a pace faster than one mile per hour.

I start to count steps…you know, be prepared to run one hundred twenty-six steps, just in case he's kidnapping me. But after about five turns, I give up. Turns out you can't count that high when you're concentrating on not falling.

"Stop." He says. Then, "Okay."

I follow him forward. I can tell there are a few bright lights because of the change of color behind the black cloth. I don't talk because one: he'll tell me shh; and two: I can't think of anything to say.

We're in an elevator. Want to know how I know? Because it did that little up and down thing. Goddamn did it tickle! I hear the click-woosh sound—such a small, noiseless sound unless you're looking for it—that signified the door had opened. Donovan leads me out. We go straight. He tries to jerk me left quickly but not in time.

I run right into the wall.

I groan and pull away. Donovan's cracking up and soon I am, too. It did hurt, though.

"Let's go." He says. As we start walking, he asks if I'm alright.

"Uh. Yeah."

"Wait right here, and don't take the blindfold off."

"What if someone kidnaps me?" I yell, not knowing if he's there or not. I lean against the wall and wait a few minutes. However, I am a very impatient person. So I straighten out and start walking, using my hand to stay near the wall.

I have no idea where I'm at, and when I try to undo the blindfold, I can't. Donovan's good at tying knots, and some of my hair has gotten tangled in it—probably when I was asleep in the truck. So, naturally, I'm beginning to freak out. So guess what I do? Turn around and start that way, to go back. But I think I end up taking a wrong turn or something. I even run into an open door, and I did not pass any open doors.

I try once again to take off the blindfold, but it just gets even more messed in with my hair. I give up finally and slide to the ground. Ha. Shame Miles isn't here, eh? He'd have a free kick. After a few seconds of chuckling to myself, I realize it isn't that funny.

It takes him quite a while to find me. When he does, he picks me up and carries me somewhere. I know it's him because he kissed me and…well, I could just tell. So.

Ha. When I was sitting on the ground, these people passed me and I heard a little girl ask what I was doing. But I didn't hear an answer.

After about ten minutes, Donovan sets me down and I hear a door close. Then he starts untying the blindfold. Apparently it's easier to untie from behind than from my perspective, because he gets it off pretty quickly.

"Keep your eyes closed." He whispers. I feel the bandanna being pulled away and shut my eyes.

"Okay." He says. I open my eyes.

My eyes scan the room quickly. There's a bed that looks oh-so-comfortable on a small platform—and it looks very nice. At the far end of the room—which is very big, by the way—is a bathroom. To the far right is a pool.

We're at the Silver Swan. And we're in the suite. The suite that everyone is dying to get.

"Donovan." I breathe. I turn and hug him. "You spoil me."

He laughs and pulls away, shutting the door. "I got you some clothes."

"Why are you doing this?"

He shrugs and wraps his arms around me from behind.

"I won't see you for two weeks."

"But you don't have to do things like this." I argue. Donovan kisses me, barely, his lips almost touching mine, but not quite.

"I want to." He pulls away and locks the door. "What do you want to do, now that we're on our own?"

"Be lazy. I have to go to school Monday. Guess you can't be absent for more than a month when you're like…sick, as they put."

"Yeah. Have fun with that."

I grin as he swings me into his arms. I'm carried to the bed and we fall onto it, him on top of me. Then we're oblivious to everything except the other. I wiggle out from underneath him and jump up.

"I want to put on something else."

"Your clothes are over there."

"No. I want to put on you boxers."

"My clothes are next to yours." He replies, leaning back with his hands folded underneath his head. I shake my head again.

"You put those on…I'll put the ones you're wearing on."

Donovan laughs. "Why?"

"Cause then you'll forget about them. And I'll be able to wear them until you get back."

Donovan scoffs and pulls his clothes off. I watch him walk to the bags and get out more clothes.

"You know what?" I ask. He grunts something that sounds like a questioning sound.

"Mentally, we're like an old couple."

"How's that?" he asks, coming back and handing me his boxers. I pull my pants off and pull them on.

"I don't know. Most couples our age are fucking all the time…arguing…breaking up and getting back together again. It's weird. In the year I've known you, I've surpassed my dad's age by like, ten years."

"We act our age."

"No, we don't!"

"Yes, we do. We're very immature sometimes. I could name a few, if you'd like."


"Then don't argue with me."

"I'm not. I was simply disagreeing."

Donovan kisses me, laughing into my mouth as his tongue wrestles with mine.

"Are you going to come to the airport?" he asks. I sigh and shake my head.

"Never been good with goodbyes. I'd like, hide in your bags or something."

"And come with me?" he asks, kissing my temple. I chuckle.

"Yeah, something like that."

"Like I said you could, in the first place?"

"Mm hmm. Like that."

"You should come."


"Why not?"

"If you're afraid to go down there and see your relatives, I'm terrified."

Donovan laughs.