If I'm not me then what can I be
Am I just a fishy under-the-sea
Do I live in the trees as little monkeys do
Or am I a lion, proud and true
I could be the air on which we live
Exhaled and inhaled, it's life I give
Maybe I'm a dream that no one can see
Unless I'm a number: one two or three
What about a miniscule spider or fly
Yet probably not with my two legs and eyes
Or am I a reflection of the moon on a bay
In that case, I could be the sun since I rise every day
A sheep, a goat, a donkey, a mare
Mix the last two and throw mule in there
What if I'm the grass that they chew on so much
I don't think I'd like coming out and such
So with all possibilities I could take any form
I might break the rules and stray from the norm
But heck who knows, I could be wrong
And be nothing special all along
I'm usually just me and nothing more
No glamour, no different, simply a bore
Still it's nice to think about what I could be
Even if I was just a fishy under-the-sea