Simply Said
It was a feeling of joy,
Of love, of happiness
I flashed back to getting a new toy!
It was a feeling of having overate!
Simply said,
It was great!
We laughed, we sobbed, we spoke, we thought
Time flew, never having known to stop
Writing, reading, rummaging, remembering,
Simply said,
It seemed Fate
Finding papers destined to be lost
Reading again those thought gone
Finding poems crumpled up
What a travesty we saw,
Poems torn away from their book
A young one reading work not hers
Yet claimed 'twas
Simply said,
She seemed to hate
Have no respect for what was theirs
Off that subject, the topic flew,
Onto the angst of the other teens
Simply said,
It was great!
Poetry calming the many and the few
Once it was done, we rode off into the sun,
Hoping to see each other once again
Poetry flowing through the sweet night air.