Two Faces of the Goddess
She rides throughout all space
Guides us through the storms
Into the gentle winds
Though we sleep by the snake's den,
She guards all our souls
Shunning the desert heat of our hearts,
She hides us in a cool calm hollow
The gleaming of her white gowns
Guides us out of the night
By the braids of her hair
Lifted to heaven we are!
Flower-scented, sweet fragrances.
These are the beauties of our Goddess
She stills all storms
Her eyes slay our foes
And tortures the non-believers
From the spires of Heaven where twilight strikes
And clear water runs
You see her shadow
In the glaring summer heat
She serves us milk and bread
Cool, fragrant with spices.
Her eyes melt our enemies
Torment the oppressors
And pierce all mysteries.
Here shows the darkness of our goddess.