I'm going to give you an offer you can't refuse
Whether or not you're willing to trust
Be still and listen to my words
I want to reveal the finished work of the cross
Every wound in your weary heart
Every sin in your shadow engulfed mind
I'll take upon myself, and carry it all to calvary
And your spirit shall finally breathe fresh air
The lies that have infested your mind
And the death that has entered your being
Will die with the Adam nature you thought to be yours
So you can remember who you truly are
So you can remember who our Daddy truly is
I'll wear the crown of thorns beaten on my head
My back will be torn open by whips bearing bone shards
I'll carry the cross against my flesh torn back
I'll watch as they nail my limbs to the cross
And I'll do it in your stead
So we can all some day be with our Daddy again